Handling Service Users’ Money Policy Updated

In 2016, we introduced the Supporting Service Users with Financial Transactions and Handling Service Users’ Money Policy to all Service Users & Personal Assistants (PAs). Following useful feedback from PAs, it has been reviewed and updated.

In line with best practice, it is now mandatory to have a signed agreement in place between PA and Service User if the PA supports the Service User with his/her financial transactions, or handles his/her money. This includes everything from shopping to helping him/her in a bank/credit union/post office, to assistance with online transactions.

This measure has been put in place for the protection of all parties involved and to support the financial independence of Service Users.

Please take the time to read the Policy available from the Handling Service Users’ Money section of the Staff Portal.

NB: The Staff Portal is now password-protected. To request the password, phone the office on:

021 432 2651

or send an email to:

Pat Beirne

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