Cork CIL Annual General Meeting 2018

On Tuesday, July 17th, Cork CIL held its Annual General meeting. A big thank you to all who attended and contributed. Links to the Annual Report and full Audited Accounts 2017 are now available on the Publications page.

Notes from the AGM

In 2017, Cork CIL, with the support of the Board of Management, worked hard on its core services while also attending to difficult challenges and grasping promising opportunities.

With the future in mind, work was intensified on Cork CIL’s second strategic document. This document will set out our aims and objectives for the next 3–5 years and the way in which they will be achieved. We aim to build upon the successes of the previous strategic document and identify areas that need to be addressed. We also consulted people who use Cork CIL’s services and all staff by means of a survey, which helped to identify other key areas that need attending to.

The survey helped to identify that Cork CIL’s focus of service delivery is somewhat narrow. As a result, we are exploring ways we can broaden the range of services we provide, including support for service users who wish to join the workforce.

Cork CIL recognises that a lack of supports poses a significant barrier to some service users who are highly educated and skilled (who happen to have a disability) from taking up employment. While the issue of funding remains an obstacle, we are committed to exploring this further and testing its viability as a feasible option for such service users in the future.

Cork CIL recognises the importance of having a diverse representation of board members from the professional and business sector to ensure sound organisational governance. We are proud of our comprehensive representation and we are committed to improving the diversity of our board members in the coming year.

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