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Keeping well during the festive period

The HSE is reminding people to plan for any health needs over the Christmas period ahead.

See below for tips and information to keep well:

  • Consider all options when you need care, such as your GP, pharmacy, GP out-of-hours service or injury unit. Check opening hours before you go. For colds and mild viruses, make sure you have what you need at home to take care of these, such as a well-stocked medicine cabinet.
  • HSE Injury Units treat injuries that are not life-threatening such as broken bones, dislocations and minor burns. Find your nearest injury unit here.
  • COVID-19 and flu vaccines are available from your GP or pharmacy for older people, healthcare workers, people who are pregnant and those at higher risk. There is still time to get your vaccine during the holidays.
  • Children from the ages of 2-17 can get a free nasal spray flu vaccine. Find a pharmacy to book an appointment. Children can also get the vaccine at their GP.
  • For life-threatening emergencies, call an ambulance (112 or 999) or visit your nearest Emergency Department.

Visit hse.ie/winter for advice on how to protect yourself and your family during winter, managing common illnesses and when to get help.

RSV circulating at extraordinarily high levels and flu increasing week on week

RSV and flu infections are circulating at very high levels. People are urged to help limit the spread by cocooning very young babies, practicing respiratory etiquette (covering coughs), and making sure all vaccines are up to date, including flu and COVID-19.

Symptoms of an RSV infection start like a cold and can include:

  • cough
  • wheezing
  • runny nose
  • difficulty feeding or decreased appetite
  • fever (temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher)
  • sore throat

These symptoms usually appear in stages and not all at once.

After 4 to 5 days, babies and young children can develop bronchiolitis. Their symptoms may get worse and include:

  • increased breathing (more breaths per minute)
  • wheezing
  • difficulty feeding or decreased appetite
  • less wet nappies

These symptoms often remain for 3 to 4 days before slowly getting better. It can usually take 10 to 14 days before babies and young children recover from an RSV infection. Many babies and children may have a cough that lasts for weeks after the start of the infection. This does not need antibiotics.

Flu symptoms can also start with a cough or a cold and include:

  • high temperature– over 38 degrees Celsius
  • aches and pains
  • tiredness
  • sore throat
  • headaches

If your child has other symptoms of the flu, keep them at home for at least 5 days after their symptoms begin.

Survey to review the Implementation of the HSE Second National Intercultural Health Strategy (2018-2023)

A Review of the Implementation of the HSE Second National Intercultural Health Strategy (2018-2023) is being undertaken by Dr. Matt Cannon and Dr. Frank Houghton on behalf of the HSE.

As part of this review, we are very interested in hearing from both individuals and representatives of diverse groups about intercultural aspects of Ireland’s health services.

Please note that all information collected is confidential and that any information collected will be anonymised BEFORE the final report is presented to the HSE.

Please pass this survey on to community members/ clients/ service users. The survey will remain open until 31 December 2023.

To take the survey in English please click here.

Kliknij tutaj, aby wypełnić ankietę w języku polskim.

Pour répondre au sondage en français, cliquez ici.

Si aad u qaadatid sahanka Af-Soomaaliga halkan guji.

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Recruitment campaign for Children’s Disability Network Teams

Do you know someone who could join our team of highly skilled professionals, working with the young people and families who use our services?

Starting in January 2024, we are recruiting both newly qualified and experienced Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Speech and Language Therapists, to join our Children’s Disability Network Teams.

Each child who uses our services is unique and our teams work together with them and their families to empower and support them to set and achieve goals that make a difference.

Apply at www.hse.ie/cdnt

Pregnancy, baby and toddler health on mychild.ie
Look out for a TV ad in January about the HSE’s pregnancy and child health website and series of books written by healthcare professionals for parents-to-be and parents of young children.

With about 60,000 new babies born a year, you’ll find expert advice as you prepare for and get to know your baby. The information grows with you and your little one – from pregnancy and birth, to taking care of newborns and toddlers.

Developed with parents, the site has almost 500 pages of advice on pregnancy, baby and toddler health with millions of visits each year. Find expert advice for every step at mychild.ie

Christmas ‘elf and safety’ tips for families from the HSE’s mychild.ie

With Christmas on the way, the HSE’s mychild.ie is sharing advice for parents, caregivers, and other family members to make the most of the festive break with children.

These ‘elf and safety’ tips include being aware of seasonal hazards like button batteries and how to reduce the risk of infections getting in the way of the festivities.

Sexual Wellbeing resources

Over the festive period, the Sexual Wellbeing campaign, developed by the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme (SHCPP), will continue to promote condom use and free home STI testing alongside a range of sexual health messages on digital and social platforms. Free home STI tests are available to order throughout the festive period on Sexualwellbeing.ie

The latest preliminary data from HPSC, continues to show an increase nationally in notifications of chlamydia (+25%) and gonorrhoea (+68%) when compared to the same time last year. More information is available on the HPSC website. Condom use and testing help to reduce the spread of STIs, and are key prevention messages.

You will find information about the Sexual Wellbeing campaigns resources and social media assets in the attached Sexual Wellbeing Partner Pack.

HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast: A look back on 2023

In this week’s podcast, our podcast hosts look back and reflect on their experiences and the success of the series to date. They discuss standout episodes, including Nikki Killeen’s discussion about the Safer Nightlife Programme, Prof. Bobby Smyth’s insights on addiction in young people, and Dr. Sheila Gilheaney’s episode about the work of Alcohol Action Ireland to advance implementation of Alcohol Act and hidden alcohol marketing. They also highlight the power of personal stories in their episodes, the importance of context and humanity in healthcare discussions, and the value of including healthcare staff voices. Hosts, Fergal Fox, Noreen Turley and Eamon Keogh express gratitude to their guests and listeners and look forward to future conversations.

Listen and share wherever you get your Podcasts or on the HSE Health and Wellbeing YouTube channel.


For information and advice, please go to https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/covid19/ and https://www.hpsc.ie/a-z/respiratory/coronavirus/novelcoronavirus/. Clinical and professional guidance relating to COVID-19 is available on www.hpsc.ie.

Health service information for Ukrainian nationals

  • Updated mental health supports information is here
  • Disability services information is here
  • Healthcare services information is here
  • COVID-19 information is here
  • COVID-19 vaccination video, Dr Oksana Kozdoba, a Pediatrician from Ukraine, shares information about the vaccination programme in Ireland. She covers the vaccines offered in Ireland to protect babies, school children and adults.

If your organisation has any requests in relation to public health information materials, please reply directly to this email to let us know.

We wish you seasons greetings and good health.

Kahlil and Katie

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