Staff Handbook and Cork CIL Policies

The Cork CIL Staff handbook has been developed for ALL staff.  We  will  be updating this  in  2017. If  you have any  feedback   or  ideas please  let   me  know  at  In the  meantime please take your time to read the  Handbook  it  forms  part of  your   work  with agreement with  Cork CIL. The Cork CIL Policies & Procedures provide the framework in which we operate. They apply equally to all staff. They are reviewed regularly.   Click for a copy of  the Staff  Handbook  and a range of  Cork CIL Policies. Not  all  the policies  are on  line . If  you  cannot see what you   are  looking  for  please  contact  us directly. Your comments and feedback are welcomed.

 STAFF HANDBOOK REV. 2012  // LEAVE POLICIES rev 2016 // SICKNESS ABSENSE POLICY 2011 // Driving at Work Policy Sep 2015 / CORK CIL CHILD PROTECTION POLICY 2013 / Children First // Trust in Care // Intimate Care Policy and Guidelines Regarding Children Updated 2013 //Cork CIL Adult Protection Policy 2014 25-06-2014 Draft 2.


Time sheets are important they are a record of hours worked, a record of hours received by a Leader and your pay is based on the information you submit. Payroll is processed every 2 weeks. Timesheets must be submitted by 17.00 hours of the payroll week. Timesheets can be submitted online to or by post but must be in by the deadline time.

Timesheet Deadlines 2017

Below are links to a short guide to completing timesheets and a timesheet for  you to  download  and  use timesheets.

Guideline – How to Fill In a Timesheet

ALS Time-sheet Blank 2016 

Mileage & Allowable Expenses

Staff may, on occasion and with PRIOR authorisation be eligible to claim mileage and some allowable expenses.

Mileage & Allowable Expenses Gen – Claim Form 2013

PA Driving a Service User Mileage Claim Form 2013

Annual Leave

A short guide to requesting annual leave and public holidays is available below. Please read in conjunction with the Cork CIL Leave Policy & Staff Handbook. Request forms for annual leave can be submitted online to

Short Guide to Annual Leave 2013

Annual Leave.pdf

Annual Leave Request Forms 2013

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Cork Centre for Independent Living recognises the pressures all staff and their families experience and that internal resources are sometimes not appropriate for personal concerns. We also know that it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that personal and work-related problems are solved as early as possible.

To support staff Cork CIL offers employees and their family’s access to the VHI Employee Assistance Programme (VHI-EAP). Through the VHI EAP service, counselling and specialist information services will be available to you and also your family. You will be able to talk to a counsellor on the phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also see a counsellor locally for face to face counselling, as long as this is clinically appropriate. The service is completely confidential and nobody will ever know that you have used it unless you choose to tell them. The service is provided by trained and experienced staff that are professionally qualified and bound by the codes of conduct of the professional bodies to which they belong. Call Freephone ROI 1800 995 955 or e-mail

The Bike to  Work  Scheme

Cork  CIL offers   a  Bike  to Work Scheme.  For  more  information please  contact   us  at

The Haddington Road Agreement

The Haddington Road Agreement is a public sector agreement which sets out measures on productivity, cost extraction and reform which together will achieve the targeted pay bill reduction. The Agreement builds on the measures set out in the Public Service Agreement 2010–2014. The full agreement can be easily accessed on line. Click the  link for a short guide to the impact of the HRA on Cork CIL PA staff. A Short Guide to the Haddington Road Agreement

Office Staff Team  

    Pat Beirne – Service Manager
021 432 2651

Tues Wed  Thurs  Pat Beirne


    Nicola Meacle – CE Supervisor
021 432 2651

Monday – Friday  Nicola Meacle


    Vicky Chan – ALS Co-ordinator
 021 432 2651

Monday – Friday  Vicky  Chan


    Sharon Lyne- ALS Co-ordinator
021 432 2651

Monday – Friday  Sharon Lyne


    Claire Murphy – A/ Co-ordinator
021 432 2651

Monday  – Friday Claire  Murphy


    Aine Munnelly – Administrative Officer
 021 432 2651

Monday – Friday