€10m Irish project to focus on treating ALS with data science and AI

Precision ALS will bring together clinicians, data scientists and AI experts to find new ways to treat motor neurone disease.

A new €10m Irish project is looking to develop new and innovative treatments for patients with motor neurone disease by bringing together medical research, data science and artificial intelligence.

The project will be led by two Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) research centres: the Adapt centre for AI-driven digital content technology and the FutureNeuro research centre for neurological diseases.

It will bring together clinical scientists, data scientists and AI experts to collaborate on data-driven prediction models for progression of the neuromuscular disease and data analysis that will help develop treatments.

Europe-wide platform

The project will also provide an interactive platform for clinical research in ALS across Europe, which will use AI to analyse large amounts of data gathered at scale and in a timely and cost-effective manner across multiple international sites.

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