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Do you have lived experience of Neuro-Rehabilitation Services in Ireland.

Could you contribute to the future development of these services.


Call for Expressions of Interest

Submissions by email to Deirdre.murphy31@hse.ie or ciara.lynch6@hse.ie

Closing date – May 11th 2023


Background and Purpose

The Department of Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE) together developed the National Policy and Strategy for the Provision of Neuro-Rehabilitation Services in Ireland. This was followed by the creation of an Implementation Framework (2019-2021). Evidence-based and informed by population needs, the National Implementation Framework addresses the rehabilitation continuum of care.  It describes the requirement for a whole system approach and provides the blueprint for how we should deliver care and services for those who suffer from neurological conditions who require individualised, goal focused rehabilitation.  It is recognised that continued investment in and development of Neuro-Rehabilitation services will need to be prioritised beyond the three-year implementation period of this Implementation Framework to address the significant lack of capacity within existing services.

The National Neuro-Rehabilitation strategy sits under Change, Planning and Delivery in Disability Services within the HSE. It falls under the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinical Care Programme. The overarching aim of the National Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy is the development of neuro-rehabilitation services to improve patient outcomes by providing safe, high quality, person -centred neuro-rehabilitation at the lowest appropriate level of complexity. These services should be configured into population based managed clinical rehabilitation networks (MCRNs). Services within the MCRN work together across organisational boundaries with patients moving across the continuum of care based on their needs.

The National Steering Group (NSG) was set up to oversee this work and was first established in 2017 and includes representation from key stakeholders including Disability Services, Primary Care, Acute Hospitals, Health & Social Care Professions and the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinical Programme. The National Steering Group is an oversight group with responsibility for the strategic leadership, management and direction of the strategy, ensuring the most effective prioritisation of the implementation process. Representatives at this level need to be able to make and enforce decisions with respect to resources and strategic direction. Under the Governance of the NSG, sits a working group tasked with developing a Managed Clinical Rehabilitation Network (MCRN) demonstrator project in CHO 6 & 7. It will act in an advisory capacity, presenting recommendations on processes to the National Steering Group.

The current overarching aims of the Steering Group are to;

  • Act as an overarching governance structure to advance the implementation of the Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy through the Implementation Framework
  • To provide clear instruction to what must be achieved both at national and local level for the successful execution of this policy document
  • To guide the reconfiguration and development of Neuro-Rehabilitation structures and services, including the development of local implementation teams to implement the framework at all levels


We are now seeking to recruit people with lived experience of neuro-rehabilitation and or their family members to the National Neuro-Rehabilitation Steering Group and also to each of the Working Groups associated with this, based on a similar process conducted by the National Clinical Programme for People with Disability’s


Why do we want to do this?

It is very important to the National Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy that people with lived experience of neuro-rehabilitation services and their families in this country have a strong and equal voice at the table when it comes to influencing future policy and practice in relation to the provision of neuro-rehabilitation services.


What input and commitment are we seeking?

We are looking for people to attend approximately 4 to 6 meetings per year (6 to 8 weeks apart) and to work with us in identifying the priority issues in relation to the development of Neuro-Rehabilitation services in this country.


Collaboratively we will seek to identify projects and work streams aimed at influencing and improving services for those with neuro-rehabilitative needs. We will have meetings virtually (using online technology like Microsoft Teams). The initial commitment will be for 2 years.


How many and what type of people are we looking to recruit to the task group?

The task group is recruiting people with lived experience of neuro-rehabilitation services. We would like a range of people from around the country with a diagnosis of an acute or progressive neurological condition or a family member/carer for someone with a neurological condition who have experience of neuro-rehabilitation services in Ireland.

While not necessary, previous involvement and experience in other committees such as service user councils, advocacy committees or other similar groups would be an advantage in preparing you for this commitment. The types of skills and experience that will be useful will be:

  • Recent experience (within last 5 years) of accessing neuro-rehabilitation services or their family member accessing neuro-rehabilitation service
  • Ideally somebody who has access to a reference group/broader community of people whom they can call upon to discuss with and sense check issues
  • Being respectful of others and their perspectives
  • Being comfortable communicating in a group and interacting with others (with supports if needed)
  • Able to use their personal experience constructively
  • Able to see beyond their own experience
  • Being non-judgemental
  • Possessing a positive attitude
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others
  • Desire to expand their knowledge and skills
  • Desire to participate in bringing about meaningful change
  • Able to maintain confidentiality of task group business and information as appropriate to the effective functioning of the group
  • Possessing an ability to engage in online meetings either independently or with required supports


How are we recruiting?

The National Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy has asked the umbrella service providers and National Heads of Disability Services to advertise among their members and invite interested individuals to submit expressions of interest to become involved with the National Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy Working Groups. Expressions of interest are to be no more than two A4 pages and we require interested candidates to state clearly:

  • Their name and contact details (phone, email address)
  • What is their background/experience relevant to the National Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy?
  • Any previous experience in committees, councils or similar kinds of groups
  • If they can attend meetings online (with supports if required)


Expressions of Interest are to be sent to the following email address: Deirdre.murphy31@hse.ie or ciara.lynch6@hse.ie  no later than May 11th. All submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee and persons selected against the criteria outlined above. We may need to conduct a short interview as part of this process.


Will any training/briefing be provided prior to first meeting and thereafter?

Members of the selection committee will meet and engage with you in advance of the first meeting to brief you on the background, purpose of the group, your role and expectations of you as a member, and to answer any questions you may have. At that meeting we can discuss any needs that you may have to support you in being an active member of this group.


Will my expenses be covered?

This is a voluntary non-paid committee membership. However, travel and out of pocket expenses will be covered in accordance with the HSE’s current policy for re-imbursement for service users who are members of committees.


When will the first meeting be?

We expect that new members will attend their first meeting in May/June 2023


How long do I have to commit for?

We expect that committee members will commit for a period of 2 years initially. This will be confirmed following the first meeting of the group. You may resign from the committee at any time before this period has elapsed if you choose to do so. This is a voluntary position.

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