DFI Budget 2023 Press Release

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Following the release of Budget 2023, you can read our initial press release on our website which relates to social welfare payments. There will be a separate press release on health and other aspects as further clarity is provided following the Minister for Health’s briefing tomorrow.

We will also complete a more detailed analysis of Budget 2023 and will send this to you on Friday.

An overall increase of €138.3 million was announced today for disability under health. Of this, €29.25 million is for new service developments; including additional residential service capacity, and day service places for 2023 school leavers. We will share further details on how the health budget allocation breaks down when we have more information.

In addition, €110 million once-off funding to a range of Health funded bodies including nursing homes, hospices and Section 39 organisations (including disability organisations) was announced in the context of rising costs. We await further details on this scheme, how it will operate and what it will mean for disability organisations.

In the meantime, if you have any particular response to the Budget, please send them to us. We welcome any initial reaction or comments you may have.

We are also active on twitter with commentary on the Budget. If you are tweeting about the Budget tag us @DisabilityFed so that we can amplify your message! We are using the hashtag #KeepYourPromises with our Budget tweets.

If you would like to read more on DFI budget campaigning in the lead-up to the Budget, see links below:

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