HSE Health and Wellbeing Annual Report 2022


We are pleased to share with you our HSE Health and Wellbeing Annual Report for 2022. This report outlines the key activities that HSE Health and Wellbeing delivered both nationally and locally last year with insights shared from across our policy areas, partners and various work streams.

Welcoming the report Helen Deely, Assistant National Director HSE Health and Wellbeing said: “During 2022 as we started to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, HSE Health and Wellbeing continued its commitment to working with our many partners, HSE colleagues and voluntary organisations to address the underlying factors that drive chronic ill-health. This was achieved through collaborative, evidence-based and community-focused action.”

We hope that you would peruse this document that aims to give you insights across our areas of work as we progress the implementation of Healthy Ireland in the health service. The report also includes lots of links to further information on the work and other assets such as videos, webinars and publications developed and published last year.

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