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Launch of Stronger Together: The HSE Mental Health Promotion Plan


On April 6th “Stronger Together” was launched, it is a five year plan, and includes action areas focused on promoting positive mental health across the population and among HSE staff.

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Farmers Have Hearts – Research highlights


A major study of farmers’ cardiovascular health has shown that more than eight out of 10 farmers who participated in the Farmers Have Hearts Cardiovascular Health Programme (FHH-CHP) made lifestyle changes to improve their heart health and have reduced their risk of having cardiovascular disease.  Read on to find out how farmers were engaged and how the study was evaluated.

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Steps to Health Challenge 2022


This year’s Steps to Health Challenge takes place from 23rd May until 26th June, supporting staff to get out walking and counting your steps daily.  Registration is open until the start of the challenge as long as you don’t need a step counter, so there’s still time to register your team, like the Blue Eagles Steps Team from Blackrock (above).

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Baby Food Made Easy – Online Parent Workshops


As all parents will tell you, it can be confusing knowing when and how to start introducing solid foods to a baby’s diet. Read on to find out how, over the years, CHO 9 have been supporting parents in this journey, and how they have adapted to continue supporting parents during Covid.

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Adult Weight Management Programme


The Model of Care for the Management of Overweight and Obesity in Ireland was launched in March 2021. It sets out how obesity services should be set out nationally to support children, adults and adults with overweight and obesity.  Read on to find out how implementation is being rolled out this year.

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Be SunSmart and protect your skin from the sun



The SunSmart campaign is run by the HSE’s National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), in collaboration with Healthy Ireland and cross-sectoral partners. Together they are working to support people to reduce their risk of skin cancer by protecting their skin from the sun.  Read on to find out how you can follow the Healthy Ireland SunSmart 5 S’s to protect your skin.

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HSE Research & Development wins Public Service Innovation Award 2022


HSE Research & Development (HSE R&D) has received a €45,000 award from the Public Service Innovation (PSI) Fund 2022 towards the development of a National Electronic Research Management System (NERMS).  Read on to find out more about NERMS and how it will bring a  more “streamlined approach to the research application process across the HSE”.

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