HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast, Episode 18 – HSE Safer Nightlife Programme

HSE Safer Nightlife Programme. Photo of Nikki Killeen with headphones on next to the Quote 'The types of drugs available are completely different'.
In this episode we talk to Nicki Killeen, Project Manager working on HSE Emerging Drugs Trends. We hear all about the HSE Safer Nightlife Programme which was set up to reduce the harm of drugs used in “nightlife” settings and at music festivals in particular. Nicki shares her insights on the pilot work done at the Electric Picnic Music Festival last year and the work underway at this year’s summer music festivals to support people around their risk taking behaviours and also to gather samples of drugs for checking. This ‘back of house’ approach allows for drugs to be gathered and analysed through “surrender bins” and supports the team to identify substances of concern, provide real time information in relation to drugs circulating and engage with festival goers to reduce drug-related harms. Nicki explains how the teams of drugs.ie volunteers work at the festivals to build up trust and engage with those attending to complete brief interventions. Hosted by Fergal Fox.

For more information go to www.drugs.ie

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