HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast, Episode 6 – Alcohol Action Ireland

Photo of Sheila Gilheany with headphones on in a radio studio with the quote 'There are 3 fundamental ways you can turn things around; pricing, marketing and availability'
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The sixth episode of the HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on the HSE Health and Wellbeing YouTube channel.

In this episode, hosted by Noreen Turley, Dr Sheila Gilheany, CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland, outlines the work underway to help reduce alcohol consumption and reduce the harm caused by alcohol in Ireland. “Many of us enjoy drinking alcohol, but there is another side to drinking and that is the harm that’s generated from the way we drink and the amount we drink.”

Listen to the podcast which reviews the changes that have been made through the implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018, including the areas not yet implemented. Sheila explains and discusses issues like alcohol advertising, the role of the alcohol industry and where the priority should now be to combat the long term health impact drinking alcohol has on the Irish population.

For more information go to AskAboutAlcohol

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