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Disability Capacity Review to 2032

IMAGE: poster with the ILMI Logo and the words Invest in disabled people. Rights based, ring-fence, increase, legislate, experts, listen, choice, control, options, empowerment, engage, incude. Full review bit/ly/3bmatrh.

The Disability Capacity Review entitled Disability Capacity Review to 2032 – A Review of Social Care Demand and Capacity Requirements to 2032 was published by the Department of Health on Thursday 15th July. It sets out state investment for the next 10 years without referencing what disabled people need and want. The review is based on continuing to invest in the “Disability Industry” which will perpetuate a situation where many disabled people are segregated from society and makes little reference to State and International policy to invest in ensuring the full inclusion in society with the supports they need to do so.

The Disability Capacity Review worryingly looks to expand “services” that are based on the premise that non-disabled people know best and need to make decisions on what disabled people need and want. ILMI has concern that the Disability Capacity Review has no mechanism to talk directly to disabled people about where resources need to be invested. The review lacks the voice of disabled people in what they need and want to lead their lives. ILMI is also concerned that investing in segregated services and not independent living supports such as Personal Assistance Services (PAS) is contrary to our obligations under the UNCRPD.

ILMI has now conducted a full review of the Capacity Review.  Some of our key observations include:

  • An increase to €96 million for PAS in Ireland not the €32 million quoted in the Capacity Review. However, we welcome that the Department finally recognises the huge un-met need in terms of PAS.
  • It costs €25,000 to place a disabled person in day services for a year. Disabled people who receive a PAS get on average 12 hours a week. ILMI believes that if funds were given to the disabled person as a personalised budget, they would have more choice and control over their lives.
  • PAS to be a demand-led service with the disabled person at the centre of the decision-making process. Currently at CHO level disabled people’s lives, and supports such as PAS, are discussed without us (disabled people).
  • PAS should not be mixed with homecare funding. These services are distinctly different. The Government should invest in PAS allowing disabled people to have choice equal to others.
  • There is no legal right to a PAS in Ireland. ILMI call on the Government to prioritise investment in PAS and enact legislation so disabled people can live the life they choose.
  • Disabled people are often seen as a “risk”. ILMI believe that assessments and health and safety can be used to preclude disabled people from accessing certain supports or services.
  • The Capacity Review shows proposed state investment in disabled people’s lives for the next ten years. At no point engaging with disabled people about what they want or need to be in control of their lives.
  • It is the state’s obligation to put supports in place such as the Assisted Decision Making Act and independent living supports so disabled people can decide with who and where they live as per Articles 12 and 19 of the UNCRPD.
  • ILMI call for a “menu” of independent living supports where there is autonomous advocacy and self-assessment so the person can have a package of independent living supports or a blend of supports that meets their needs.
  • The “Disability Industry” and the services provided are based on the premise that non-disabled people know best. ILMI call for this to stop! Disabled people are experts of lived experience – Nothing About Us Without Us! 

To read ILMI’s full review please see the PDF version here and a Word version here
Please note as with all our work this is only the start of a process and we welcome any questions or comments you may have on the Capacity Review or our ILMI Overview of the Review. You can address any comments directly to our Policy Officer James at 

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IMAGE shows a screenshot from the most recent CREATE session.
Our CREATE project is starting to get into the swing of things with Life Coaching, Workshop, and Peer sessions all taking place this week.

Thursday’s workshop focused on ‘Employment Policy, Rights and Entitlements’ and was delivered by ILMI Board member Jacqui Browne. Jacqui provided candidates with an overview of the UNCRPD Article 27, Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015, as well as various policies, strategies and schemes relating to disability and employment. It can often be a challenge finding the right information, or knowing where to look, so the workshop was really valuable in sharing and signposting important information that can help disabled people at different stages of their employment journey.

On Friday, ILMI Policy Officer James Cawley joined the CREATE Peer Session to talk about his own experiences starting out on his employment journey, and sharing some of the knowledge that he’s learned along the way. One of the biggest strengths of the CREATE Project is our emphasis on peer support, as our candidates can engage with and learn from others with lived experience and expertise. A big thank you to Jacqui and James for their contributions this week, as well as the CREATE candidates for their continued efforts and engagement!

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ONSIDE – How to Get Involved

IMAGE: poster with the words ONSIDE is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and to share experiences and ideas. ONSIDE participant, Monaghan.

The ONSIDE project is accepting new participants in all regions. Our Community Navigator team of Audrey, Clive, Edel, Fiona, Mark and Orla are working to ensure that all participants get maximum value from project participation. If you want to learn more about how the ONSIDE project could have a lasting impact on your life then get in touch! You can contact any of the ILMI staff team or email for further information.

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ONSIDE Social Inclusion Workshops

IMAGE shows a screenshot from the latest Louth Social Inclusion Workshop

ONSIDE have continued with their Social Inclusion Workshops this week with a presentation from Eve Curran of Ulster Bank. Eve provided participants with a very informative session on staying safe online and how to make online banking work in a safe and efficient way.
If you would like any further information on how you can get involved in these ongoing sessions do please get in touch with the ONSIDE Project Co-ordinator Peter Kearns at 

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ILMI Housing Network

IMAGE shows a screenshot of the Housing Network Meeting with Claire Feeney presenting.

Our housing network met again on Friday 23rd July where we had ILMI members from Leitrim, Donegal, Meath, Cork, Galway, Longford, Cavan, and Offaly.

Claire Feeney Senior Executive Officer from the Housing Agency spoke to the group about developing the new national housing strategy for disabled people, about round one of consultation on the strategy and how we as a national DPO can feed into the next round of consultation.

The next ILMI housing network is on Friday 6th August at 10am. If you would like to join the ILMI housing network to become an ILMI representative on your local Housing Disability Steering Group (HDSG). Get in touch and email with our policy officer

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Dining, Tourism and Accessible Spaces

IMAGE shows a flyer for the meeting on August 4th at 10am with the text Dining, Tourism and Accessible Spaces. Join us on August 4th at 11am via Zoom, as we discuss our inclusion as Ireland reopens.

As Ireland begins to open up for Summer 21 do you feel that your community is becoming less accessible?
Have you concerns regarding access to local amenities given the increase in granting of outdoor licenses? Are you concerned about the resumption of indoor dining and the implications it will have for you? Or perhaps your area has never been more accessible, and you can provide guidance and advice on how to reopen outdoor dining and amenities in a way that includes us all.
ILMI are facilitating a discussion on August 4th at 11am, via Zoom, on the reopening of civic outdoor amenities, the increase in outdoor dining and the resumption of indoor dining. If you would like to be part of that discussion, then do please let us know. You can register by contacting any of the ILMI staff team or emailing

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IMAGE shows some of the participants in Tuesday’s #Addthe10th Meeting

On Tuesday 27th July, members of the #Addthe10th Alliance held a meeting to discuss the forthcoming consultation on the review of Irish Equality legislation. #Addthe10th is  a group of NGOs who have been lobbying for some time for the inclusion of socio-economic status as a 10th ground in Irish equality legislation.
Presentations were made by Andrew Holohan (ATD 4th World) on the individual and collective lived experience of the impact of being discriminated based on socioeconomic status. Brid O’Brien from the INOU gave an input on how the addition of a 10th Ground could be used in existing processes, such as the Public Sector Duty. Damien Walshe from ILMI gave an input on the background to the collective work that NGOs have done on this issue since 2001. Eilis Barry (FLAC) gave an input on broader issues on the current equality legislation that would need to be reviewed as part of this consultation.
The details of the for this consultation are available

ILMI will contribute to the collective #Addthe10th submission as well as developing a specific ILMI submission in due course. For more information, email

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A Disorder for Everyone

IMAGE shows a screenshot of the YouTube recording now online for A Disorder for Everyone.

On March 15th, ILMI were delighted to co-host an online seminar with AD4E (A Disorder For Everyone), featuring guest inputs from Jo Watson and Dr James Davies.
The ILMI / AD4E event brought together people who share similar values and looked to explore shared language, which is based on empowerment, rights, autonomy, choice and control for people who are experiencing or have experienced issues relating to emotional distress / “mental health”.The event was for people with lived experience, disabled activists and allies who wish to explore a deeper understanding of emotional distress and building a shared analysis of emotional distress through the social model of disability.We are delighted that a full recording of the event is now available on our YouTube page and can be found here

Public Consultation on Effective Engagement with People with Disabilities
“Public consultation on effective engagement with people with disabilities” – NDA are updating their guidance to Government departments and public bodies in relation to engaging disabled people.
The NDA are inviting you to submit your views and experiences of how the government and public bodies can ensure the effective participation of disabled people, including children and young disabled people, in public policy development and in monitoring how well various policies and strategies are working.
Your submission will help them in updating their guidance.
The NDA are accepting submissions by email, post or by video where you speak or sign your views by 9th August 2021. For further information please visit

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Building the Future – 2021 Careers Event

IMAGE shows the banner for Building the Future. A unique career event for students and graduates with disabilities or specific learning difficulties.

This week GetAHEAD announced their annual careers event – Building the Future, which will take place from August 23rd to 27th.

It has evolved from a one-day event to a week-long careers event for students and graduates with disabilities. Students and graduates will get an opportunity to experience mock interviews, CV clinics, attend workshops and also chat with employers face-to-face all from the comfort of their own home! All you need is access to the internet either from your mobile or a laptop and Zoom.

The event is free of charge, however you must register in advance to access any elements of the event. You can find out more and register at:

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The National Transport Authority (NTA) has created a survey on taxis and hackneys, which will close on 31st August.
As we all know Transport is one of the pieces of the “independent living jigsaw” that lots of disabled people throughout Ireland have challenges with. Furthermore, getting an accessible taxi on demand can be a nightmare. Please participate in the survey and have your voice heard.

The survey can be completed in the following ways:

  • Online, via the following link which is compatible with screen-readers:
  • By post: if you require a hard-copy version of the survey, please contact Behaviour & Attitudes at You will also receive a stamped addressed envelope to facilitate the return of your completed survey.
  • By telephone: should you prefer to complete the survey in this manner, please contact Behaviour & Attitudes at  or on 01 2057561.They will arrange for an agent to call you to go through the questions with you.
  • Should you wish, you may also ask someone to complete the survey on your behalf.

If you want to report a taxi for any reason, please visit the transport for Ireland website. There is also a Transport for Ireland (TFI) “Driver Check App” it allows users to check that the vehicle they are about to hire has been registered correctly and that the driver has the appropriate license to operate the vehicle. If the information appears incorrect, it is possible to submit a report. All of Ireland’s taxis, hackneys, limousines and all SPSV (Small Public Service Vehicles) drivers are covered by this app. This includes rural locations as well as cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. Visit the Driver check app here.

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