ILMI E-Bulletin May 7th 2021

Welcome to our May 7th 2021 E-Bulletin

ILMI webinar 5th May 2021: “Everything you wanted to know about disability but were afraid to ask” (part 1)

IMAGE: screenshot of the panellists Peter Kearns, Des Kenny, Amy Hassett, Selina Bonnie, Catherine White ISL Interpreter and Maggie Cameron.

As part of May 5th European Day on Independent Living, ILMI hosted our largest webinar “Everything you wanted to know about disability but were afraid to ask!”

With almost 400 people attending, ILMI’s first of a series of public webinars was an opportunity for politicians, policy makers, service providers, public and civil servants, community groups and human rights organisations an opportunity to hear disabled activists discuss the social model of disability and how it can and needs to be put into practice.

We were delighted to be joined by Minister of State Department of Children, Disability, Equality and Integration with responsibility for Disability Anne Rabbitte TD who will opened the webinar. It was an historic moment to have a Minister commit to a journey of exploring how to move fully to the social model of disability and to engage with Disabled Person’s Organisations (DPOs).

ILMI’s ONSIDE coordinator Peter Kearns was MC extraordinaire for the day and began the webinar with a question and answer session with our special guest Speaker, Maggie Cameron who is a freelance Disability Equality & Diversity Trainer with experience of developing Disabled Persons Organisations in Scotland. Maggie reminded us that “disability is a social construct” and that people have impairments, but disability is imposed on disabled people.

Peter then facilitated panel discussion with ILMI Chair Des Kenny, ILMI vice chair Selina Bonnie and Disabled Women Ireland (DWI) co-chair Amy Hassett. Over the course of a very short hour we were treated to a hugely informative discussion on the implementation of the social model of disability and the need to resource DPOs to engage and influence policy. Selina Bonnie ended the discussion with a reminder of the intersectionality of disability with other identities: “Disabled people exist in all areas of society – we are mothers, fathers, activists, workers. In reality everything needs to be accessible. We are more than JUST disabled people”

The video of the webinar will be available on the video section of our website

ILMI space to explore progress on the Personalised Budgets Demonstration Models
Tuesday 25th May 12noon to 1pm

IMAGE: poster for event with the words “ILMI space to explore progress on the Personalised Budgets Demonstration Models, Tuesday 25th May 12noon to 1pm”

In September 2019 the HSE put out a call for disabled people who were interested in participating in demonstration models to explore the implementation of personalised budgets.

These demonstration models are based on three approaches to personalised budgets:
1.           A person managed fund (which is often referred to as a direct payment)
2.           A co-managed fund
3.           A broker managed fund

Read more on the taskforce on Personalised Budgets here

The announcement stated that the demonstration models will work with 180 disabled people over the next two years. What we want to explore is how far these demonstration models have progressed and what if anything is working.

ILMI is interested in creating a space for disabled people who applied to be part of these demonstration models to gauge what level of interaction they have had and where the process is at with a view to developing a shared analysis to influence a potentially vital part of independent living for disabled people in Ireland.

If you are interested in participating, please email

Event invitation: online gathering organised by National Womens Council, Independent Living Movement Ireland and Disabled Women Ireland.

Image : poster of event

About this Event
This is an unique opportunity to hear from disabled women activists in Ireland and from around the world to discuss how we can learn from, share and support each other, and build greater international solidarity in our work ahead.

ILMI Vice chair Selina Bonnie and Nem Kearns will host two conversations with disabled activists including:

Dr Rosaleen McDonagh and Aoife Price, Ireland,
Penny Pepper, England,
Ruth Kamchacha, Malawi,
Pirkko Mahlamäki, Finland,
Gordana Rajkov, Serbia,
Ana Dones, Argentina.
Irish Sign Language Interpreting and real time captioning will be provided.

English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation will also be available.
For more information and to register click here 

Please contact with any accessibility requirements before the 14th May. This will help us in our preparations for the event.

ILMI Tuesday Nutrition classes starting 11th May 1 – 2pm, running for 5 weeks

IMAGE: Poster of ILMI Thursday Mindfulness Classes starting 13th May 1 – 2pm

If you identify as a disabled person and would like to learn all about nutrition in a relaxed fun zoom class then this is the one for you. Email to register, be amongst your peers and learn some strategies for success.

ILMI Thursday Mindfulness Classes starting 13th May 1 – 2pm, running for 5 weeks

IMAGE: Poster of ILMI Thursday Mindfulness Classes starting 13th May 1 – 2pm

If you identify as a disabled person and would like to learn about Mindfullness in a relaxed fun zoom class then this is the one for you. Email to register, be amongst your peers and learn some practical techniques towards mindfulness.

Our Mindfullness and Nutrition instructor is none other than Sean “Power Fitness” himself.

Seán is a certified personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and Yoga instructor with over a decade of experience coaching competing athletes and general public.

Growing up Seán bounced around from sport to sport, club to club before finding Martial Arts and the Gym. From this he developed a deep interest in everything fitness related and his knowledge began to grow.

He has competed in many Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts MMA tournaments, he has taken part in specifically designed fitness photoshoots and just last year he travelled to India to further his studies in the art of Yoga.

Seán’s credo:
To be personally invested in the state of your well-being and making it Our personal goal to accomplish your goals. Optimising longevity and wellness in all individuals.

ILMI received funding from the Community Foundation of Ireland (CFI) which will allow us to run a series of inclusive digital training to disabled people over a series of structured workshops over the course of 2021

NDA  ‘Building Back Better’ Consultation event

Building Back Better: The Post-Covid-19 world for persons with disabilities
Date: Friday 14 of May 2021 Time: 10am – 1pm

ILMI’s Dr James Casey will be a keynote speaker the topic being “Opportunities and Barriers provided by technology in building back better in Employment and Education”

The National Disability Authority is holding an online consultation to listen to the views of persons with disabilities and DPOs on “Building Back Better: The Post-Covid-19 world for persons with disabilities”.

Obtaining the perspectives of persons with disabilities is essential for the work of the National Disability Authority as these inform our work and advice to government. The consultation will focus on employment and training, education, everyday living and the use of technology in these areas.

The keynote speakers will be providing input from their lived experience and the breakout sessions are designed so that we can hear from as many persons with disabilities or their representatives as possible.

The meeting will have ISL/English interpretation.

This is a free event.

To register click here

EDF Webinars

Facebook-EDF Policy roundtable on the European Accessibility Act (EAA)
For more information and to register click here

European Year of Rail 2021 – Towards independent and spontaneous rail travel for all
For more information and to register click here

European Accessibility Summit
We are pleased to invite you to our European Accessibility Summit 2021, which Microsoft is proud to be sponsoring. The summit will take place the 1st and 2nd of June on Virtual Conference Manager platform.

Organised by the European Disability Forum and sponsored by Microsoft, the Summit aims to raise awareness of the importance of accessible technology in furthering the employment of persons with disabilities in Europe. The virtual two days event is being held on Teams for a range of European partners, from the disability community, policy and business sectors.

This inaugural event will be part of a series of events related to the future of work and the role of digital technology.

Against the backdrop of the new European Disability Rights Strategy, this is an opportunity for us to discuss and share specific business innovations, employees’ stories, accessibility in online work, training, demonstrations of new technologies, and best practices in advancing the employment for persons with disabilities in Europe.

The online conference will be fully accessible for persons with disabilities including International sign interpretation and live sub-titling in an accessible online environment.

For more information and to register click here

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