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ILMI ‘Find Your Voice’ Empowerment Galway Programme

IMAGE: Screenshot of group

Our Galway ‘Find Your Voice’ Empowerment Programme has continued this month with Session 3 and 4.

As part of the programme participants are informing themselves about how ILMI represents disabled people and most importantly how they can be an active part of that process.

Session 3 was dedicated to how the group can work best together, with a brief introduction to Independent Living provided by ILMI Policy Officer James Cawley. Session 4 focused on the issue of Housing, with ILMI’s Policy Assistant Claire Kenny joining the group to explain about the current housing committee structures and how disabled people can become involved.

Despite a few zoom technical difficulties in Session 4 the group have remained positive about taking part in the programme. With three more weeks left in the online programme we are excited to see this group develop and grow. Contact with any queries

NWCI Claiming our Space: Women in Rural Ireland leading Change

IMAGE: Fiona Weldon on the panel.

ILMI’s Fiona Weldon attended and was a guest on one of the amazing panels. “I have a dream that someday, hopefully soon, Disabled Women and others live free of Domestic Violence and other forms of abuse. I dream of living in a society that nurtures and values diversity, genuine inclusion and all of us belong to the everyday ordinary rhythms of life.” Fiona goes on to sketch a dark picture of what some women in modern Ireland have to endure. More than that, what is the “unmet” need? Listen to her words, understand how we need to be listened to, must be consulted must be included. Thank you Fiona!

What struck us was the sense of community and activism amongst all the speakers. ‘All we need is every woman with a tiny bit of discontent to get organised. If nobody’s going to ask us, we’ve got to go and tell them.’ Louise Coyle NIRWN. Although everyone was going form another space the communal key issues united everyone. There is a need for change, and we are the ones to do it!

ILMI Freedom and Choice series Peer Mentoring explored

IMAGE: screenshot of Group

In our Peer Mentoring (PM) session this week (part of our freedom and choice series of sessions to make 30 yrs of Independent Living in Ireland) we had Maire Meagher, and Dr Pauline Conroy (researchers) with Eileen Daly (Coordinator) come and talk to us about the research that Áiseanna Tacaíochta commissioned a few years ago.

Eileen kicked off the session by telling us that PM is a core element in supporting disabled people to live the philosophy of IL.

PM is when a more experienced disabled person works with a less experience disabled person to support them to live good lives. PM’s can support disabled people with IL issues and also with other things like navigating 3rd level education, assist with using assistive technologies and devices or making real connections with our community in line with our interests.

“There is no disability activist untouched by PM and its empowering and reciprocal relationship”

All of our speakers talked about the skills a PM needs to have, its challenges and its many benefits – watch out for the recording of this session on our website to learn more.

FREEDOM and CHOICE Marking 30 years of Independent Living in Ireland!

IMAGE: poster with text that reads “FREEDOM and CHOICE Marking 30 years of Independent Living in Ireland! Want to know more about independent living? Join us for our next online event this October exploring what it is and How to get it! Email to register” and the ILMI logo

Want to know more about independent living? Join us for online events over October exploring what it is and How to get it! Email to register

Session 3 – Siobhan Long with Karl O’Keefe (Enable Ireland) will present on the topic of The Importance of Assistive Technology and Environmental Controls to Disabled People

Date – 19th Oct Time – 1 pm to 2 pm

Are you going to “Beyond Limits” in Limerick this Saturday?

IMAGE: Logo of Children’s Ombudsman Office

Then check out Session 2 “Disability is not a dirty word” a conversation with ILMI’s Claire Kenny and Paula Soraghan MC’d by Paddy Smyth. Details here

Beyond Limits is an event hosted by the Ombudsman for Children’s Office for children and young people with disabilities, showing them the opportunities open to them, talking about the issues they want to talk about and highlighting inclusiveness.

The ILMI VOICE Kilkenny Project Update

On Tuesday, 11 October, ILMI VOICE Project development officer Kilkenny Paula Soraghan had the fourth workshop. The group had a discussion with Fiona Weldon and they focussed on group work.

Paula knows the group are learning a lot about ILMI from talking to Fiona and getting to know each other better. This is very important for VOICE, because disabled people are connecting with each other and understanding what they have in common and how working as a collective is beneficial to breaking down these barriers.

Fiona asked the group, ‘If you had a magic wand tomorrow, what is one thing you would change about the world or your life for disabled people? The cost of living was discussed and how this affects disabled people, having your dream car and dream home. The workshops are continuing to build their confidence and they are getting to know Paula and ILMI staff.

The workshop was very beneficial to VOICE Kilkenny because people are gaining a better understanding of who ILMI are and why our work is so important. It also means that participants are learning about the basics of disability rights and what it means to work as a collective.

Group work is an excellent foundation to build on the VOICE project future work and goals.
For more information or to get involved reach out to or text/call 087 163 0433

ILMI “Education Equal to Others” Consultation

IMAGE: photo of autumnal leaves with one green leaf standing out from the other with text that reads “ILMI “Education Equal to Others” Consultation, Tuesday 18th October 11am to 1pm email to register” and the ILMI logo.

Tuesday 18th October 11am to 1pm

Article 24 of the UNCRPD guarantees a right to disabled people to education equal to others and calls on States to “ensure an inclusive education system at all levels and lifelong learning”.

In the last twelve months there has been an increasing call for “special” schools, “special classes” and reversal of hard fought gains that disabled people had campaigned for. Going hand-in-hand with this has been the transfer of Therapy services from the Children’s Disability networks to Special education locations.

ILMI is keen to explore this with disabled people to develop an analysis of how to practically implement the UNCRPD in relation to article 24 and key campaign asks to bring to the Department of Education and political parties.

This consultation will take place on Zoom on the 18th October from 11am to 1pm. To participate, email

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