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The ILMI VOICE Project

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On Tuesday, Nicola and Paula participated in a meeting organised by Community Work Ireland (CWI) who oversee the seven projects including VOICE on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development.

The meeting went well, it was really interesting to hear the updates from every project. We all reviewed the new website and discussed training that would be beneficial to both project staff and all the people who participate in the projects in 2023.

We agreed the number of meetings next year including a minimum of one in real life as opposed to virtual in order to enhance networking and collaboration opportunities in the New Year. It was great to see all the projects thriving. We look forward to building on that progress in 2023

It was fantastic to update everyone on the success of VOICE over 2022, particularly the engagement from the online county platforms and the webinar held for LCDC members in the VOICE region on 27 October. Feedback from CWI has been really positive!

ILMI meeting European Commissioner for Justice as part of Coalition Against Hate Crime

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ILMI were represented at a meeting with Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice, on Thursday 24 November. As part of the Coalition Against Hate Crime delegation, ILMI raised issues of access to justice and equality for disabled people, including the need for disability equality training for members of the judiciary. The issue of disabled people’s right to access to justice was linked with the lack of inclusion broadly at an Irish and European level, including the almost non-existent progress in deinstitutionalisation. The key role of DPOs to drive the process of change to realising access to justice and equality was also raised with Commissioner Reynders. Other members of the Coalition raised concerns about the lack of oversight on social media platforms in combatting hate speech.

The ILMI VOICE Kilkenny Project Update

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On Monday 5 December, ILMI VOICE Project development officer Kilkenny Paula Soraghan had their final workshop for 2022. The group discussed how beneficial VOICE has been to them over the last number of months.

It has been wonderful to connect with mainstream organisations in Kilkenny, like NAS, Education & Training Board and Ormonde College and for participants to learn more about Advocacy & Further Education.

These issues and topics are very important for disabled people because they are building their confidence and thinking about their future goals in terms of career and education.
The group are starting to realise that they want their voices to be heard and are understanding the value of VOICE as a collective space, where change can happen in their lives.

They are thinking more about their futures and realise what choices in terms of employment and education are available in Kilkenny since attending the information sessions.
2023 will be an exciting year because participants will work with Paula to discuss their future goals and develop personal action plans.

Workshops will resume in the New Year.
To find out more, please contact Paula by email:, or call/text Paula on 087 163 0433.

ILMI Cork VOICE Project

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On Thursday evening 1st December, the Cork VOICE online Platform participated in their first session of the Campaigning 101 training with UPLIFT.

UPLIFT is a people powered campaigning community who believe that by connecting with each other we can have a stronger impact, a belief that is integral to VOICE. The trainers are highly experienced in running social justice campaigns. It was a very practical, interactive workshop where we explored the importance of the values that motivate us as a starting point. We looked at practical ways to construct and disseminate the core message of the issues we want to highlight as well as the covering the various forms of media formats both digital and traditional.

Thanks to Yusuf and Layla for their informative and professional session. We look forward to participating in further workshops with UPLIFT in the New Year.

For more information on the VOICE project Cork, email Nicola on or ring 087 718 9237

Everything you wanted to know about disability Part3-Let’s talk about the social model of disability
Here is the video
The Social Model of disability has driven much of the successes of the Global Disability Rights Movement. Developed by disabled people it informs many key policy approaches including the UNCRPD. But how much do we know about what the social model means, its importance to disabled people and its practical implications for policy development and investment in the inclusion of disabled people?

On Wednesday 7th September, our ONSIDE project Coordinator Peter Kearns was MC for a panel discussion featuring Dr James Casey, Paula Soraghan and Fiona Weldon.

“Smashing It” Series
As part of ILMI’s “Smashing It” Series: disabled people tearing up the script in the 21st Century, we were delighted to be joined by Rosaleen McDonagh in conversation with Christian O’Reilly.
Two writers and artists deep in conversation about what makes the world go round and how to capture that.

NWC and Community Work Ireland are recruiting

NWC and Community Work Ireland are recruiting a Project Co-ordinator to implement a new joint project: “Building a Feminist Community Work Approach to Climate Action”

Together, we’re aiming to develop a Feminist approach to Climate Action, based on feminism, community development, climate justice and sustainable development

NWC and Community Work Ireland are recruiting a Project Officer to work on a new joint project: “Building a Feminist Community Work Approach to Climate Action”

The deadline for both posts, is midnight 13th January 2023

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