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In this Issue:
1. We are Hiring!
2. ILMI and the LGMA
3. “Governance for Change” session 2 the Charities Governance Code
4. Disabled Peoples Organisation (DPO) Coalition Consultation Report
5. A Disorder for Everyone (AD4E) Online Festival 2023

We are Hiring!
ILMI VOICE Project Mentoring and Capacity Development Worker
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ILMI and the LGMA
IMAGE: screenshot of the consultation group participants

ILMI participated in a consultation with The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), lending our knowledge and expertise to help shape the Digital Local Government strategy. As advocates for improved services and community supports, we believe that digital innovation can empower local authorities to provide even better services for the people of Ireland. Valuable input matters, and LGMA is eager to hear views from the public and businesses on their aspirations for this transformative strategy. Together, let’s work towards building a more efficient and responsive local government that truly serves the needs of our communities. The session was highly productive, and we are excited about the positive impact this collaboration can have.

“Governance for Change” session 2 the Charities Governance Code
IMAGE: Zoom screenshot of all the class participants

LMI’s training programme, Governance for Change, had its second session on Wednesday, 26th July. In today’s session, we were joined again by Derek O’Reilly from Carmichael House to discuss the Charity Governance Code in more detail. Here is the inside track from one of the participants.

“It was a fascinating and thought-provoking session, covering the principles and standards of the charities’ governance code, how to use it, and how to report compliance.

I enjoyed today’s session and learned a lot about how charities are governed, the code of governance, and why adherence to the six governance principles is crucial for charities.

It was interesting to hear that the charity’s board is responsible for implementing the principles, and anyone considering becoming a board member should carefully assess the charity’s adherence to these principles before joining. Additionally, compliance is essential to receive funding from funding bodies.

Looking forward to the next week’s session!”

Disabled Peoples Organisation (DPO) Coalition Consultation Report

​​​The DPO Coalition worked from January 2020 to November 2021 to develop a Consultation report based on the views and experiences of disabled people in Ireland. This report was based on 672 surveys and 8 focus groups.  This Consultation Report was created in advance of the Irish Government presenting to the United Nations Committee on the Government’s work to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD). The report was launched in June 2023.
The DPO Coalition was made up of national Disabled People’s Organisations in Ireland who worked together to develop this report. The organisations involved in developing this report were:

  • As I Am – Ireland’s National Autism Advocacy Organisation
  • Disabled Women of Ireland ​ (DWI)​
  • Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI)
  • Irish Deaf Society (IDS)
  • National Platform of Self Advocates
  • Voice of Vision Impairment (VVI)

The Consultation Report provides information and insights into the lives of disabled people. Many of these are worrying such as lack of access to essential services, healthcare and public buildings. It also presents clear actions Government can focus on to improve disabled people’s lives and enable disabled people to participate fully in society.  This Consultation Report provides independent information collected on the lived experience and views of disabled people on the rights outlined in the Convention.

The report is available in accessible MS Word, designed PDF and an ISL video translation here:

PDF of DPO Coalition report

MS Word of DPO coalition report

Full ISL translation of the report is available here

A Disorder for Everyone (AD4E) Online Festival 2023

Join AD4E on Friday, September 22, for the 4th edition of “A Disorder for Everyone! – The Online Festival 2023.” This transformative event is part of the Workshops that offer non-pathologising approaches collection, challenging the culture of diagnosis and disorder. Backed by the overwhelming success of previous festivals with participants from over 18 countries, this year’s festival promises a whole day of change-making talks, presentations, conversations, and poetry. Their esteemed contributors, including Lucy Johnstone, Johann Hari, Gabor Maté, and many more, are passionate advocates who challenge the mainstream medicalised paradigm of emotional distress. Together, they aim to demand change, support people’s stories, and break free from scientifically questionable labels. The festival is donation-based to ensure accessibility, and we encourage you to spread the word and join in this movement for positive transformation. Reserve your spot now and experience the dynamic energy and wisdom of like-minded individuals. Let’s come together on this day of meaningful discussions and growth! More details on this link

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