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Disability Equality Training (DET) video & social-media making workshop on Friday 27th Jan 10.30am-1pm @ Sligo Northside Community Centre for Sligo DPO & PPN

The aim of the Sligo DPO & Sligo County Council PPN video project is to show Sligo disabled activists talking about what independent and autonomy-based living means to them and portray access everyday issues to an audience of Sligo PPN and local Authority management staff. The Sligo Video-Project will record 4 to 5 short (less than 5 minutes) video interviews with activists from different intersectional and impairment lived experiences and upload the five short-pieces on to various social media platforms (Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Around Paddy’s Day there will be a specific launch of the video project films to an invited audience of North West counsellors, TDs, MEPS and disabled people. The Sligo PPN funded project will also approach local/regional papers to write a few feature articles to promote the video pieces. The videos will inform Sligo LCEDC, PPN and Linkage Groups about effectively realising UN Convention Access and Local Participation Article aspirations and systematic transformation with direct consultation & dialogue with Sligo disabled people.
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 ILMI and NOISE Music workshop on Monday 30th Jan. 2pm-4pm @ Clondalkin Library

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On Monday 30th Jan. 2pm-4pm @ Clondalkin Library there will be a music workshop including DJing and Beat Making with members of the NOISE Music Collective, and a sprinkle of Disability Equality with ILMI’s Peter Kearns This event is free to young people aged 14 and above. If you are interested in participating please contact to book your place.

TASC ‘Media Literacy for Democracy’

IMAGE: screenshot of the panel speaking on the webinar

ILMI attended the TASC ‘Media Literacy for Democracy’ event today Friday 20th Jan. The spread of misinformation is detrimental to individuals being able to make informed decisions and threatens the true cooperation of the European Union and the Quality of democracy.
The Media Literacy for Democracy project focuses on promoting an effective media literacy strategy based on the multidisciplinary approach and cross-sector cooperation to tackle disinformation.

The European Commission defines disinformation as false or misleading content that is spread with an intention to deceive or secure economic or political gain and which may cause public harm. In other words, people use and share this information to harm society.
In contrast, misinformation is false or misleading content shared without harmful intent though the effects can be still harmful. Hence, by spreading this information, people do not intend to harm societal perceptions. However, the spread of both forms, disinformation and misinformation threatens European democracies, polarises debates and puts the health, security and environment of EU citizens at risk.

ILMI also attended the National Stakeholder Forum for the SDGs this week
Agreed by all 193 United Nations Member States, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals represent the international community’s collective roadmap towards a safer, fairer, more prosperous and sustainable world. They provide an internationally-agreed framework to advance progress across the three dimensions of sustainable development — economic growth, social inclusion and the protection of the environment — while ensuring that no one is left behind.

Changes made to the regulations for penalties for Taxi’s including Failure to take a person with a guide dog – has been raised to the maximum value of €250.00 & Failure to take wheelchair user – is newly added to the regulations now also €250.00 More info here

Louise Bruton
Article in the Independent on Monday about access and our nightlife struggles and one from her Saturday about accessing our sea swimming sessions, not only is she a rock chic she’s living her best life and taking no prisoners More of this please!!

‘If we’re not all in the nightclub at 6am it’s not inclusive’ – how venues are failing wheelchair users”

A costly redevelopment of a public swimming spot should never exclude anyone
Louise Bruton is an avid sea swimmer but says she’s disappointed that the new baths in Dún Laoghaire are not wheelchair accessible.

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