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ILMI Working Group on Deinstitutionalisation: Update from first discussion

IMAGE: Screen shot of the working group on deinstitutionalisation

ILMI’s working group on deinstitutionalisation held its first meeting on Thursday 28th October via Zoom. Working group members began to explore what institutionalisation is and its impacts. Activists recognised that without appropriate supports such as accessible housing, transport and PAS, disabled people could be institutionalised in their own homes or with their parents. The impact of institutionalisation and the loss of agency and choice were discussed as well as the specific concerns about disabled people being placed in nursing homes.

Notes from the discussion are available and new members to the working group are always welcome. The next meeting will take place in mid-November, with a date to be confirmed next week. If you are interested in being part of this working group, please email

ILMI Rock your Difference Life Coaching Chats

IMAGE: Screenshot of the Rock your difference group

Mary Doyle aka Rocket Girl Coaching would like to thank each and every one of you for coming on Tuesday.

Definitely looking forward to the next session Tuesday 2nd November at 13:00.
If you would like to join please email and here’s the original blog  Mary wrote which gives the details on the eleven activities to build your resilience muscle.
Have some time to listen to a podcast? Check Mary out here  talking about her life and work as a Disabled professional.

Rock Your Difference!

IMAGE: Logo of RTE does Comic Relief and Community Funding Ireland

ILMI Cork Platform

IMAGE: poster with the words “ILMI Cork Platform email to register Thursday, 4th November at 5pm

At next week’s online Cork platform meeting Thursday, 4th November at 5pm, the Guest Speaker is Catherine Short. She lives in Cork but is originally from Tipperary.  Catherine doesn’t rely on a Service Provider to deliver her PA services. She manages her own PA service, dealing with recruitment, holiday cover etc. Catherine works part time for the Citizens Information Phone Service as an Information Officer. The AT Network helped her at the beginning and are still available for advice etc.

Catherine will give an overview of how she set up and manages her service and the support provided from the AT Network. She will be happy to answer any questions. If you have haven’t attended an online session yet but if you would like to attend this session, please email to register. The sessions are open to all disabled people in Cork.

ILMI discussion space on the review of Equality Legislation

IMAGE: poster with the words “ILMI discussion space on the review of Equality Legislation 18th November 3-4pm Zoom, email to register”

18th November 3-4pm Zoom

The Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth is conducting a review of the Equality Acts (Equal Status Acts 2000-2018 and the Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015). The Programme for Government commitments on the introduction of a socio-economic ground for discrimination and the amendment of the gender ground will be considered as part of the review. The review will examine the functioning of the Acts and their effectiveness in combatting discrimination and promoting equality. It will also include a review of current definitions, including in relation to disability.

In order to develop a submission, ILMI is creating a space for disabled people to discuss issues relating not only to the Equality Legislation but the information and supports for disabled people in taking cases to challenge discrimination.

To register for our discussion, email

Details of the consultation process from the Department can be found here

Realising Article 29: Disabled Politicians and the Political System

IMAGE: poster with the words “ILMI Discussion on making Politics more inclusive. Zoom, Thursday 11th November 3-4pm email to register.”
More info here

SAVE THE DATE: 3rd Dec 2021 at 18:30

IMAGE: poster with the text “Media + Me” with a blue heart on a pink background

ILMI’s Media + Me Event
Representation of Disabled People in the Media
3rd Dec 2021 @18:30
Email to reserve your spot!

NDA Event:  ‘Creating Our Future’

IMAGE: NDA and ‘Creating Our Future’   logos

Date: Tuesday 23 November, 2021
Time: 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Location: Online Zoom Webinar

What is ‘Creating Our Future’?

‘Creating Our Future’ is a chance for everyone in Ireland to tell the government their research ideas to help make our country better for everyone. Research is the study of a topic, problem, concern or issue. We often do research to discover new facts or information and to solve problems. Research affects nearly every part of our lives. It influences health and well-being, the environment and climate change, education, employment, our standard of living, and improves the inclusion of all people in our society. Ideas are the starting point for all research. Full details on this link

Don’t want to attend this event but still want to share your ideas?
You can submit your ideas directly to the ‘Creating our Future’ project using this form  on their website. For more information.

NTA Update

The Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan TD, joined the National Transport Authority (NTA) this afternoon to launch the NTA’s new rural mobility programme Connecting Ireland. The programme aims to increase public transport connectivity for people living outside major cities and towns.
Connecting Ireland proposes a series of new public transport routes and improvements to existing ones. The NTA have developed these proposals together as part of an integrated plan for a better public transport network across the county.

NTA want to get the public’s feedback on the design principles that we have applied in their plans, and we will be running a public consultation on Connecting Ireland beginning today.
You can view county-by-county proposals on the Connecting Ireland website  and can submit your feedback through the Connecting Ireland survey.

Lastly, the NTA will be holding a series of public webinars in the coming weeks, and invite you to attend to hear the proposals in more detail. The webinars will be fully accessible and recordings of the webinars will be published on the website as well. Details of the date and time of the webinars will be published on the website over the coming days.

IMAGE: Pumpkin smile cartoon with the words “Have a Great Weekend from Everyone on the ILMI Team. Happy Halloween!”

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