ILMI Mailshot 1st April 2021

Welcome to our April 1st 2021 Mailshot


IMAGE: shows poster with the words CEOL21

A big thank you to everyone who came to the CEOL21 Event on Tuesday night. Hope you enjoyed it, I know we all did.

A huge big thank you to all the amazing performers for giving their time and energy so generously.

Orla O’Sullivan, Emilie Conway, Glen Hansard, Louis Younge, Mundy, John Kelly, Robbie Sinnott, James McCrory, Davey Cashin and Mick Martin of the Kilkennys, Tolü Makay, Hubert McCormack
Namel Norris of 4 Wheel City, and Maryam Madani.

A special thank you to Anne Rabbitte Minister of State at the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and at the Department of Health for attending and all of her support.

#ceol21 #equality #humanrights  photos are here

Kindest regards,
The ILMI Team


??..…Why is this poster medical model?
IMAGE: shows poster with the words “See the person not the disability”

As an ancient saying – attributed to the English thinker Sir Francis Bacon, the key figure in engineering the creation of the British state 400 years ago – bluntly puts it: “knowledge is power”. In this first of a series on disability and language, ILMI’s Peter Kearns will set-out an argument that as social model inspired activists we must challenge the use of medical model language everywhere we encounter such a barrier. This includes taking to task disabled people and non-disabled who like to spout the so-called politically correct terminology of ‘people with disabilities’ (PwD). Such medical model language continues to remove us from effective engagement with Irish ‘power’ systems and the writing-up of social and legislative policy.

It is now widely appreciated that Disabled Peoples Orgs (DPOs), such as our national cross-impairment ILMI, have a role to play in spreading knowledge of disability equality which aims to impact and influence ‘power’ with mainstream organisations, sectors and agencies, beyond the PwD disability specific arena. Since the creation of ILMI in 201 DPOs have gained in confidence towards using the strong clear language of the social model to make sure that everyday mainstream services such as county councils, ETB or HSE are using such language when engaging with disabled people in every ROI county.  The ‘Politics’ of writing social model language into mainstream social agencies and their policy is about two things: social organisation and power. Disability Equality ILMI activists cannot get away with ignoring medical model language
Rest of the article can be found here

Let’s Get Political! ONSIDE Monaghan welcomes NCCWN Dochas for Women

IMAGE: shows screenshot of meeting participants

On Thursday, 25th March, the ILMI ONSIDE Women’s group welcomed Dochas for Women to their social inclusion workshop. Based in Monaghan Town, Dochas is a member of the National Collective of Community Based Women’s Networks (NCCWN). Since 1995, the group have been advocating for the human rights, equality and empowerment of women living in Co. Monaghan.

Ursula McKenna, Coordinator, began the workshop by sharing the motivation and passion behind the work that Dochas do, ‘There’s a lot of things that women still don’t have access to, it’s not equal and we are going to strive until there is equality’. She explained that a key role of Dochas is to listen to what women are saying. By doing this Dochas are ensuring that their work is informed by women’s lived experience and that they can authentically challenge structures, attitudes and behaviours that marginalise women.

Lynn McElvaney, Development Worker shared details of an exciting new opportunity for women living in the county. Launched on the 8th March 2021, Monaghan Women’s Assembly is a new platform that will bring the voices of women living in Co. Monaghan to local politicians. Lynn stated ‘Women are underrepresented at the decision making table, women need to involved in making decisions that impact on their lives’.  Membership of the Women’s Assembly is free and inclusive of all women, it is hoped that initiative will increase the participation of women in the 2024 elections. Lynn invited the ONSIDE participants to get in touch and to get involved with the Women’s Assembly, ‘No issue is too small and Dochas are available to support women in getting their voices heard!’

Audrey Wilson, ILMI ONSIDE Community Navigator commented, ‘The reality is that disabled women continue to be disproportionately excluded from decision making processes, policy making and the political structures of government at national, regional and local level. I’m heartened and excited to hear about Women’s Assembly initiative, this is definitely a space were disabled women should be’.
For more information about the ILMI ONSIDE project in Co. Monaghan contact Audrey Wilson, Community Navigator:

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