ILMI Mailshot 3rd September 2021

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Housing For All

Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’ Brien yesterday launched the new policy entitled ‘Housing for All – a New Housing Plan for Ireland’. This is the government’s housing plan to 2030. It is a multi-annual, multi-billion euro plan which will improve Ireland’s housing system and deliver more homes of all types for people with different housing needs. The government’s vision for the housing system over the longer term is to achieve a steady supply of housing in the right locations with economic, social and environmental sustainability built into the system. Housing for All contains 213 actions which will deliver a range of housing options for individuals, couples and families. The pathways contain actions to be taken by government departments, local authorities, State agencies and others. It is estimated that Ireland will need an average of 33,000 new homes to be provided each year from 2021 to 2030. The proposals in the strategy will replace the Rebuilding Ireland strategy.

The Housing For All strategy has four pathways to achieving housing for all:
•            supporting home ownership and increasing affordability
•            eradicating homelessness, increasing social housing delivery and supporting social inclusion
•            increasing new housing supply
•            addressing vacancy and efficient use of existing stock

Pathway 2: “Eradicating Homelessness, Increasing Social Housing Delivery and Supporting Social Inclusion” includes the provision to “deliver a range of housing and related support services in an integrated and sustainable manner which promote equal opportunity individual choice and independent living for people with a disability”

Pathway two aims to “Increase and improve housing options and supports for people with a disability” and housing policy objective 7.1 to 7.6 outlines the following:
7.1 Deliver a new National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability (2022 – 2027) following stakeholder and public consultation and with a range of actions which will detail co-ordination and alignment of housing, health and community supports

7.2 Local Authority Housing Delivery Action Plans will set out how dedicated social housing provision appropriate to the needs of people with a disability will be delivered matching the scale and extent of housing need identified for people with a disability

7.3 Local Authorities will consider the housing needs of people with a disability through the Housing Need and Demand Assessment Framework and feed that into their Housing Strategies as part of their Development Plan process

7.4 Review the range of housing grants available to assist with meeting specific housing needs, including the Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability, and implement relevant changes

7.5 Nominate Disability Friendly Housing Technical Advisors in each Local Authority

7.6 Housing and Disability Steering Groups will report quarterly on the implementation of their local strategic plans regarding housing for people with a disability to the Chief Executive and the Strategic Policy Committee.

The previous strategy “Rebuilding Ireland” which was rolled over to 2020 only mentioned disabled people so ILMI welcomes the involvement of disabled people in this strategy (see objective 7.1 to 7.6).

Pathway two acknowledges the additional crisis that disabled people face in relation to housing. However, there is no clear message that the overall investment in Housing For all will deliver for disabled people. For example the strategy lacks on specific targets and implementation of housing options and supports for disabled people. ILMI believes that “Housing For All” needed to have a commitment to say 10% of all housing using public funds should have been ring fenced for disabled people. We welcome towards the end of this year the launch of the new “National Housing Strategy for Disabled People 2022 – 2027”. The development of this strategy will be the driver for achieving targets, including mechanisms to monitor implementation of the plan by disabled people at a local level. ILMI as a national DPO will continue to work with disabled people to ensure their voices are heard in all policy spaces involving their lives. Read more on Housing For All HERE 

Nothing About Us, Without Us!

ILMI Housing Network

IMAGE: Screenshot of the ILMI Housing Network Meeting

In our ILMI housing network this morning we had ILMI CEO Damien Walshe delivering the 3rd of a series of sessions on “Representation and Participation”. Today the group discussed “Negotiation and conflict”.

The ILMI CREATE Project Update

IMAGE: screenshot of the Create class in action via Zoom

The CREATE project focused on the nuts and bolts of everyone’s employment journey, focusing on the practical aspects of Jobseeking and CV writing.

This week we welcomed guest speaker Richie Smith who spoke to the CREATE members about eight important ideas and techniques that can boost your prospects. This includes taking a more focused approach to employment opportunities, where you target specific jobs that you want. Really take your time researching and preparing for a few applications, rather than applying for many jobs at a time.

The next session we were joined by Mary Doyle from Rocket Girl Coaching who delivered the first of three workshops about CV preparation, Job applications, and Interviews. The in-depth informative workshop focused on CV preparation and looked at the structure of a CV, key information to include, and, very importantly, communicating your strengths, skills and values.

Thank you to Richie and Mary for joining CREATE this week and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

ILMI’s CREATE 1-to-1, Group Coaching, Skills Workshops & Peer Mentoring October programme is open for candidates to register right now! We want to hear from disabled people who are interested in starting their employment journey for the first time, or have limited experience of work, education and training please email for more information and to sign up

Youth Work Ireland’s YES Project and ILMI

IMAGE: poster in red with the words” Youth Work Ireland’s YES Project and ILMI: More often than not, young disabled people are left out of the conversation when it comes to sexual health and reproductive education. Not anymore ILMI and Youth Work Ireland (YWI) have partnered up to offer a series of youth sexual health and reproductive education spaces starting in October! Register now space limited: or give him a call on 087 7198521” and ILMI YWI logos.

More often than not, young disabled people are left out of the conversation when it comes to sexual health and reproductive education. Or the whole focus is on our impairments being a major issue – an obstacle to us being treated like our nondisabled peers or learning and discussing what they are discussing. Well, you know what – not anymore.

ILMI and Youth Work Ireland (YWI) have partnered up to offer a series of youth sexual health and reproductive education spaces starting in October! YWI’s Tracey McArdle delivered a taster workshop recently to ILMI’s Onside Youth Camp gang during the summer and it was tremendous, building on this we are delighted that Tracey is going to deliver the interactive workshops for young disabled people (18+).
The Yes Project is a Europe wide initiative to provide young people with empowering sexual health and reproductive education in a community setting and it will cover three topics:

1.           Sexuality Identity and Healthy Relationships
2.           Communicating Consent
3.           Wider Influences and Decision Making

We will have more info to share in the next few days but if you want to find out more or register your interest in taking part (spaces will be limited, so get moving), then contact James at or give him a call on 087 7198521

Croí Glan Integrated Dance Company premiere their latest work In Place in the unique courtyard setting of IMMA, Dublin. Comprising solo and a duet choreography, specially commissioned music, costume and lighting, In Place is an aural and visual feast for the senses.

16/ 17/ 18/ 19 September 2021 at 8.00pm Courtyard IMMA
For tickets and more information click here, an experience not to be missed!

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