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Tourism and Accessibility Consultation 

IMAGE: screenshot of meeting

Many thanks to everyone who attended our robust discussion on Tourism and Accessibility. Remember if you were unable to attend this morning’s session you can still send your thoughts to All inputs would be welcomed by Friday. These will then feed into our overall recommendations on a strategy for outdoor recreation. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs

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ILMI member Ross Coleman’s article in the Irish Times

IMAGE: poster #PASNOW campaign photo of a female throwing her hat in the air on a beach depicting true freedom

ILMI’s  #PASNOW Campaign to define, standardise, promote, invest and legislate for true Personal Assistance Services (PAS) – get involved email

ILMI Member Ross Coleman’s article in the Irish. Powerful piece from a writer who crafts his work and uses an unapologetically frank perspective that really pulls no punches.

“State must fulfil its promise on personal assistants for people with disabilities”.

“Because of inadequate Government support, I have not been able to live my life.
I wake up and get dressed. I log on to my laptop and spend the next few hours glued to my screen. I look out the window. The weather is nice and the sun is peering through the blinds. It’d be really nice to go outside.

I can’t, of course.

The rest of the day passes in a haze of lunch, cups of tea and Zoom meetings.

Nightfall comes. I eat my dinner and trudge up to bed. I listen to a bit of an audiobook before falling asleep and doing it all over again the next day.
It truly is a dreary existence.

Thank God that things are finally opening up, right?

This has been my life long before any lockdown. As a disabled person, I often have no choice but to stay indoors due to a lack of personal assistant services. Because of my disability, I require help with basic living tasks: going to the bathroom, getting dressed, making a meal etc. At the moment, I must rely on…” Full article on this link
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Strategies for Change

IMAGE: poster with photos of Eileen Daly, Colm Whooley, Fiona Weldon, Des Kenny and Selina Bonnie.

In our Strategies for Change Activism in Action session, we had four people come and talk to us about their activism journeys. The panel included Eileen Daly, Colm Whooley, Des Kenny and Selina Bonnie.

Each activist was asked:
Too introduce themselves and share some of their activism experience’s
What were the key things to know about / tips you would give to disabled activists?
What are the challenges that disabled activists face, and what are the supports activists need to do to influence change.

Link for the full piece is here and any questions please direct them to the SFC project worker


ONSIDE – How to Get Involved

IMAGE: poster with photos of the Onside team

Want to know more about our Onside project and how you can get involved? Meet the team! They are waiting to hear from you now so why not get in touch and learn more about what ONSIDE is providing in your area and what it can do for you?

Louth: Clive Lowry
Cavan: Mark McCollum
Leitrim: Audrey Wilson
Sligo : Fiona Brennan
Donegal: Contact Orla  Beirne
Monaghan: Edel McGinley

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IMAGE shows a screenshot from the latest Louth Social Inclusion Workshop

Our Onside Louth Social Inclusion workshop group were joined on week five by the Louth and Meath Education and Training Board Information Officer Ann Fallon. Ann showcased the wide variety of educational community and online supports that are available to participants.

These workshops give participants an excellent opportunity to ask questions about local community supports, in a safe and exclusive environment, that they might not have previously considered.
Following today’s highly interactive workshop, zoom poll results showed that 100% of participants are considering going back to mainstream education or adult learning classes. Equally important is that 100% of participants are now more confident about meeting new people through local education or community activities.

These finding illustrate just how beneficial the ONSIDE project social inclusion workshops are for equipping participants with the right information and links to community supports.

If you live in Louth and would like to take part in our ONSIDE project please get in touch with your Community Navigator Clive Lowry at


IHREC Strategy Statement 2022-24 – Request for Submissions

ILMI are also inviting disabled people to provide your views by writing to IHREC, please see IHREC’s website: – for more details about making a written submission. The closing date for submissions towards the next Irish Republic’s Human-Rights 2022-24 Strategy Statement is 16 August 2021.

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