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ILMI and Inclusion Ireland launch joint campaign “Our Housing Rights”

Picture shows the text Our Housing Rights: Tackling the housing crisis disabled people face with a graphic of a house and the ILMI and Inclusion Ireland logos.

On Wednesday 29th September, ILMI and Inclusion Ireland launched our joint report “Our Housing Rights: Tackling the Housing Crisis Disabled People Face”. The online launch was chaired by ILMI’s Dr James Casey. ILMI policy officer James Cawley gave an overview of the report and Tómas Murphy, Inclusion Ireland board member spoke from his own lived experience in trying to access housing.

The report outlines seven ways to change housing for disabled people:

  • Establish a central, uniform, accessible application process for housing and independent living supports.
  • Ring-fence 7.5% of all new social housing and housing provided by approved housing bodies for disabled people.
  • Government departments, the HSE and local authorities must work together to put systems in place that ensure houses and supports are offered to disabled people simultaneously.
  • Introduce legislation to put PAS on a statutory footing.
  • Review or abolish the means test for the Housing Adaptation Grant and make it available to people building their own home.
  • Set out a plan that is fully costed to move the remaining residents from congregated settings into community settings over a five-year period.
  • Government and the HSE must plan to move people under 65 living in nursing homes into independent living arrangements.

You can read more about the campaign here. The PDF of the report can be accessed on our website here and an accessible MS-Word version can be accessed here.

You can also view the Irish Examiner article on the report here.A video of the launch will be on our Youtube Channel next week.
ILMI publishes its Annual Report for 2020

Picture shows participants in the 2020 AGM.
Wednesday 22nd and reported to members on the work carried out over the course of 2020. At the AGM, Sinead Murtagh and Gordon Ryan were re-elected to the board of ILMI. The AGM also saw the resignation of Sarah Fitzgerald and Audrey Brodigan. Des Kenny, ILMI Chairperson thanked Sarah and Audrey on behalf of the board, members and staff for their hard work and dedication to the work of ILMI.

Highlights from the 2020 ILMI Annual report are:

  • Recruitment of new staff to the organisations, with staff team increasing from 11 to 16 staff.
  • Significant work on Election 2020: 6 hustings held in person with candidates and ILMI manifesto distributed.
  • Creative online supports to disabled people to respond to COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Delivered over 600 hours of online spaces to disabled people, including: delivery of ONSIDE project online, building county-based Community Platforms in each ONSIDE county.
  • Online classes delivered on photography, art, yoga, mindfulness, Spanish classes, creative writing, nutrition and keep fit
  • Created vibrant peer-led spaces over the course of 2020: a peer space for discussions on PAS, an ILMI youth collective and an ILMI women’s group. We also worked with Full Spectrum to promote the first online space for LGBT+ disabled people.
  • Dynamic social spaces, including the ILMI Film Club.
  • Supporting the development of local DPOs in Leitrim and Donegal, with launches on December 3rd.
  • Online spaces for counties Galway, Longford, Offaly and Cork to engage with elected representatives to ensure that disabled people continue to have their voices heard in December
  • Twelve podcasts recorded to capture some of the history of the Disability Rights Movement in Ireland.
  • Media Panel discussion with over 60 disabled activists participating in December 2020.
  • Funding secured from Rethink Ireland to run online activism course for emerging disabled activists which will take place in 2021.

The annual report can be read on our website as a PDF here or as an accessible MS-Word here.

ILMI Housing Network

Picture shows a screenshot from the ILMI Housing Network on October 1stWe were delighted to welcome Gladice and Michael from “Making Inclusion a Reality” into our ILMI Housing Network this morning.
ILMI successfully applied with South Dublin County Council (SDCC) to IHREC to the equality and human rights grant scheme. This project examined the development of a model of best practice for Housing Disability Steering Groups (HDSGs) in the South Dublin county council (SDCC) region.
Making Inclusion a Reality brought disabled people together as a network in SDCC to develop a collective analysis on how to feed into SDCC HDSG and to work with the existing SDCC HDSG to use a values-led approach to shape participation of disabled representatives based on the Public Sector Duty.
A big thank you to Gladice and Michael!
#Housing #DontForgetDisability
Oireachtas Disability Group (ODG) launch of Pre-Budget Submission

The Oireachtas Disability Group, ODG, launched their pre-Budget submission last Friday the 24th September through an online event. The Oireachtas Disability Group (ODG) established in 2017 is a group of national community and voluntary organisations. This includes ILMI as a Disabled Persons’ Organisations and disability umbrella organisations, who work with TDs and Senators to advance the full implementation of the UNCRPD. The community and voluntary organisations are:

  • Independent Living Movement Ireland
  • Inclusion Ireland
  • Disability Federation of Ireland
  • National Federation of Voluntary Service Providers
  • National Disability Services Association

Budget 2022 is an opportunity to show commitment to implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, UNCRPD and the ODG have a strong expectation that it will deliver for Disabled people and their families. The asks in the submission have been agreed between all five organisations, who represent the broad interests of the disability sector and disabled community. You can see the ODG pre – Budget submission and PowerPoint presented on the day here below:

We would welcome the support of Oireachtas members for the ODG pre-Budget submission in the Dáil and Seanad, and on social media. Collectively we are using the hashtag #DontForgetDisability on Twitter to highlight the need for disability to be prioritised in Budget 2022.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Policy Officer by emailing 
Equal Access – Rights Not only Ramps

Picture shows the text “Be original; don’t be scared of being bold!” and remember…. We are only going where everyone else are going

Like thousands of fans around the country, my 10 year old son and I were so excited to hear of the Ed Sheeran tour in 2022. My heart sunk when I realised who the promoter was, as they did not offer a facility for disabled people to have Personal Assistant tickets without paying. This has been an ongoing issue for many years. As an avid festival and concert goer, I have been to Electric Picnic, Body and Soul, Witness, right back to Trip to Tipp and numerous concerts where access needs including Personal Assistant tickets are provided as a recognised facility by promoters such as MCD and Festival Republic. Unfortunately, those of us who want to buy concert and event tickets who need PAs have not been given this facility from Aiken Promotions.

Not a people to accept inequality in the Banner, through the Clare Leader Forum we wrote to Minister for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sports, Catherine Martin and Clare based TDs and Senators to highlight the inequitable practices of this one major promoter. We shared our advocacy communication with other disabled people and allies. I also shared my concern on social media, and directly to Aiken Promotion by email and Twitter with no response. I then wrote to Liveline, as did a number of others and on Tuesday we were given the opportunity to explain why personal assistance is as necessary as ramps, accessible toilets, loop systems, other such facilities and that to charge us was unfair and discriminatory. I am grateful that Liveline gave us the opportunity to air this issue.

On foot of Liveline contacting them, Aiken Promotions issued a statement stating that they will engage with disabled people on a one to one basis who need PA tickets, who can furnish evidence of this need. After so many years of being ignored, I am thrilled that they have accepted that this is a real need. So I encourage everyone who wants to go to concerts and festivals of your choice, who have PA needs to contact Aiken at, twitter @aikenpromotions, or by phone 01 77 55 800.

As I reflect on this journey, in the words of Ed Sheeran himself, “Be original; don’t be scared of being bold!” and remember…. We are only going where everyone else are going

See you there xx

Ann Marie Flanagan, ILMI Board Member.

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