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ILMI CREATE Project Coordinator

ILMI seeks to employ a coordinator for our CREATE (Creating Raised Expectations and Aspirations Towards Employment) Project to work directly with disabled people across Ireland in a dynamic online training programme. ILMI’s CREATE programme works with disabled adults through coaching, mentoring, peer support and tailored training to build confidence and self-belief through creative online group and one to one workshops. CREATE supports disabled jobseekers on their pathway to mainstream employment and self-employment.

Full time 35 hours per week, fixed eighteen month contract.

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Press Statement 21st January 2021: ILMI call for Young Disabled People’s Voices to be heard in discussion about education and COVID-19.

IMAGE shows the words ILMI Press Statement

Inclusive education is about learning, not about “care” and the absence of young disabled voices in this discussion is of huge concern to ILMI.

Thursday 21, January ILMI call on all media, Government departments and teacher unions to directly reach out to young disabled people in discussions about their education support needs during the current COVID-19 lockdown.

“There has been a very worrying trend over the last two weeks where media have debated school closures and the impact on disabled children and young disabled adults, yet there has been a total absence of voices from disabled children and young adults in this discussion” said Des Kenny, ILMI chairperson.

Full statement can be found here:

ILMI Cork Community Platform

image says ILMI Cork Community Platform

ILMI is creating an online Community Platform for disabled people in Cork City and County and have developed a programme of online discussions and events via Zoom every second Thursday.

Catherine Short who works with the Citizens Information will give the first input on the 28th January (next Thursday) from 3pm to 4pm.  We will announce the line-up for speakers for events next week, but keep the following Thursdays at 3pm in your diary:

•            11th February
•            25th February
•            11th March
•            25th March
•            8th April
•            22nd April
•            6th May

Anyone who wants to join in should email to register so we can mail them the links every second Thursday.

Strategies for Change

(IMAGE: wordle of the words representing the future – “Hopeful, equality hope, confidence”

This week on the SFC Course we kicked off with a reflective exercise that people had to prepare for this week’s session. People were asked to come up with 3 words to represent their – Past – Present – Future in relation to disability history.

Peter then shared a little bit of his life history as a disabled boy/man and then invited everyone to listen and reflect on their ideas and understanding of “impairment” – condition of the body and “disability” the collective experience of living in a world that takes no or little account of the needs of disabled people.

We explored different impairments/conditions that a person might have and equated these to “the consequences” of having such conditions. Peter told everyone that having such impairments (disabled peoples conditions) are out of our control e.g. MS, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord injury, Down syndrome but the “consequences” can change. Words used by group to reflect “the consequences” included, poverty, shame, depression, access, oppression, dependency – these all can be “changed”, hence we are (disabled people) are “disabled” by the barriers (consequences) that get in our way. Ah ah… disabled people “don’t need fixing or changing” its society that must change”.

Reflective learning piece for this week is to do some research into their individual impairment (condition) and look for images that may depict what they find out.

What’s Peter going to teach us in next week’s session…

For further information please contact

Another new workshop to get 2021 off to a positive start!

IMAGE: Photo of Sean Power

ILMI are delighted to announce the start of our 10 Weeks to Wellness workshops with yoga and fitness instructor Seán Power.

Seán aims to help people lead a better life through exercise, yoga and mindfulness practices. Seán is a certified personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach, massage therapist and Yoga instructor with over a decade of experience coaching competing athletes and the general public.

The 10 Week programme, for all levels of ability, will be a series of light yoga, breathing and stretching workshops to help us start 2021 on a positive note. It begins Thursday 4th February and will run from 1-2pm.

These workshops may be of particular interest to our Get Fit participants, who want a different pace of class to complement their current training, or people who want to fit a wellness class into their lunchtime schedule. Classes are open to absolutely everyone and we look forward to seeing many new faces.
To register for the workshops just contact any member of staff or email

Community Foundation of Ireland funding will allow ILMI to run other activities under the CHOICE programme with more details to follow.

Collective Healthy Online Inclusive Creative Education (CHOICE)

IMAGE: Community Foundation of Ireland logo

ILMI is delighted to announce that we received funding from the Community Foundation of Ireland (CFI) which will allow us to run a series of inclusive digital training to disabled people over a series of structured workshops over the course of spring 2021. The first two workshops are in diet and nutrition (Tuesdays) and yoga (Thursdays).

Nutrition Workshops

IMAGE: the word nutrition in bold

ILMI are delighted to offer a series of 5 Nutrition Workshops via zoom with Alexia Treanor Nutritional Therapist who delivered a series of workshop with ILMI in Spring 2021.

These 1 hour workshops will run every Tuesday 11am to 12pm-1pm for 5 weeks, starting Tuesday 2nd February. Alexia’s mantra is ‘Eat Well, Feel Better’ which has helped hundreds of clients of all ages improve their health and recover from a variety and ailments and conditions. Alexia’s believes it is not simply a matter of telling people to stop eating certain foods but to educate and empower each client and equip them with tailored eating plans to assist them in achieving and maintaining good health.

The series of Nutrition Workshops will explore the importance of a balanced diet, understanding the basic macro nutrients, carbohydrates, fats & proteins, the link between emotional eating and hunger, simple meal planning and much more!

This programme is open to everyone however there are limited spaces available. Please register your interest now by emailing

Community Foundation of Ireland funding will allow ILMI to run other activities under the CHOICE programme with more details to follow.

The death has occurred of a tireless Independent Living warrior in Tipperary

Sincere condolences to his family and many many friends. Jim was one of the original freedom fighters back in the 90’s and we thank him for his sterling work and real fundamental contributions to getting independence for all, especially in Tipperary. Here is an excerpt from the New Ross standard back in 2001. Unfortunately the same challenges face us all now but together we can effect change.

“Mr. Casey inquired about the Disability Bill that was promised by various governments but was not yet acted upon. An Tanaiste replied that only on Friday 27th July, this Bill had been put to the Cabinet, it was discussed at length and supported by all parties. She could see it being introduced in the autumn.”

Full article is here


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COVID-19 has affected every home and workplace, like everyone else, we had to adapt to keep moving forward.
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