October Menopause Awareness Month 2023

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ILMI Menopause Consultation Thursday 17th October at 7 pm to 8 pm via Zoom


Dear Disabled Ladies of a Certain Age!

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Fiona Weldon and I work as the Capacity Officer for Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI). I am a Disabled Woman, of a Certain Age, and have become very curious about Menopause, because of Rosie (my best friend) and one of my many hot flushes.

For a very long time, I have had Rosie talk and talk and talk about “The Menopause” and the “hot flushes” and “the brain fog” and the “mood swings” and the “crying” for no reason”, and as the brilliant friend that I am, I listened, I empathised, but I hadn’t a clue. We even joked from time to time about having to “plan what she was going to wear” and the idea “that my time will come”.

And then I had my first hot flush – a rush of radiating heat, from head to toe at lightning speed…Holy Mother of God, what the hell, having done the period pains stuff for 30 years, then this!

And then I watched “The Change: Ireland’s Menopause Story” and I realised that I was Premenopausal, my ovaries were slowing packing it in, it’s like the reversal of puberty.

I didn’t know that Menopause was a taboo subject, I was aware that Menopause happens to every woman, but I had no idea that every woman’s experience of the Menopause can be very different and be very impactful on their overall wellbeing.

And then I went to the first ever National Menopause Summit in Dublin, on behalf of ILMI and it was just amazing! It was factual, empowering, serious, and fun.

And then I wrote an article about what I learned from the Summit (I also did a little research) for our e-bulletin – see – https://mailchi.mp/9ba58497a61a/the-last-taboo-surrounding-menopause-disabled-women?e=[UNIQID]

And then Eilish O’Regan from the Irish Independent interviewed me about all of the things that I learned and more!

And now, I am one of the Event Panellists at the National Menopause Summit “Advocating for Change” 2023 in Cork! –  see – https://nationalmenopausesummit.com

So, I would like to invite all the Disabled Ladies of a Certain Age who live in Ireland to join me in a discussion about Menopause and there Lived Experience of the subject. It is my intention to bring your collective Lived Experiences to the summit to advance the much-needed conversation into the mainstream.

If you are interested, please email me – fionaweldon@ilmi.ie to register!

It is imperative that we are part of the advocating for change Mantra and bring the serious challenges of menopause to the forefront for Disabled Women.

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