Staff Portal: P60 Replaced by Employment Details Summary (EDS)

The P60 was a certificate of your annual pay and deductions issued by the Revenue Commissioners at the end of every year. From Jan 1st, 2019, it was abolished in line with PAYE modernisation, and has been replaced by the Employment Details Summary (EDS).

The EDS will contain a summary of pay, income tax, USC, PRSI, and LPT per employment as reported by your employer(s). You can use the EDS in the same way as a P60 (financial institutions, HSE, County Councils, etc).

Your EDS will be made available by Revenue from the beginning of January, 2020, via your personal revenue account (aka MyAccount), where you will also find the option to save or print your EDS.

Create or log in to your MyAccount at:

Revenue Online Service (ROS)

The Revenue Commissioners are encouraging all PAYE employees to register on line. If you are experiencing difficulties with the registration process, please contact us for assistance.

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