Steps to Health Challenge 2022 – May 23rd to June 26th

Steps to Health Challenge 2022 – May 23rd to June 26th – Register a team today

Registration for the 2022 Steps to Health Challenge, is open to HSE staff and those receiving funding from the HSE (known as Section 38 and 39 funded organisations) until May 22nd for people who have their own tracking devices (mobile phone, wearable devices, etc). Form a team of between two and 10 people and nominate a team co-ordinator. 

We will contact you soon with details of the Cork CIL Team and details of how to register, if you are interested. 

This annual challenge encourages staff and other health colleagues to get out walking and counting your steps daily. It’s also a fun way to catch up with colleagues.

Most of us walk between 3,000 to 5,000 steps a day. We challenge you to make up the extra steps so that you reach the goal of 10,000, which is more than enough to achieve health benefits. It might take longer for those who are inactive at present. You can break up the steps into ten minute walks at a time and still get the health benefits. 

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