Strategies for Change

Independent Living Movement Ireland (IMLI) is a National, Disabled People’s Organisation that collectively works with disabled people and like-minded others to build an Active Independent Living Movement in Ireland that is grounded in the Philosophy of Independent Living.


Strategies for Change is a new Innovative Online Training Programme with legacy learning resources that will build and support the development of Disabled Activists across Ireland.


Organised by ILMI and funded by Rethink Ireland, this training will bring together 20 + disabled people who are interested in collective learning, sharing and collaborating to help build a New Ireland where disabled people can fully participate in an inclusive society as equals.


Experts from the Irish Human Rights Equality Commission, the Free Legal Advice Centre, the Values Lab and the National Women’s Council of Ireland will cover a range of topics including the role of Public Participation Networks, the Public Sector Duty, Equality Legislation and the role of values in bringing about change. While Disabled Activists from the Independent Living Movement here in Ireland will cover a range of other topics including Disability Equality, the Social Model of Disability and the importance of the Philosophy of Independent Living and the Disabled Peoples Movement.


The training programme will run from January to December 2021. Participants will be expected to take part in the online sessions via Zoom organised each month and will have access to regular Peer Mentoring contact between sessions. We are hoping that by the end of the programme we will have a strong, and very informed Peer Group Of Disabled Activists who will have the know how to work collectively and individually for change and support each other as activists beyond the lifetime of the project. We are also hopeful the these people will take on lead roles in the work of ILMI.


So, if you are a budding Disability Activist who what’s to be part of bringing about change and likes the idea of building its scaffolding or if you are a disabled person that just wants to find out more about the programme please contact Fiona via email 

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