Christmas 2023 Payroll Arrangements and Office Hours

This is important information – Please read carefully!!

Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th December & Monday 1st January 2024 are Public Holidays

Wednesday 27th December is a ‘Bank Holiday’

(Banks are closed, they do not process payments on these days, but these are working days in CIL)

What does this mean for you?


If you are scheduled to work on a Sunday or a Public Holiday, you are paid double time. Any other times (including ‘Bank Holidays’) you will be paid your standard rates of pay and if you are scheduled to work on a Bank Holiday you  will work as normal.

You will be asked to check your clock card on Wednesday  27th December 2023. Check it carefully and email any issues as soon as possible that day to to be corrected before wages are set up and authorised on Thursday 28th December 2023.

IMPORTANT:     Any clocking issues, cancellations, schedule changes; anything that will affect payroll, do not leave a message on the office landline e-mail This email folder will be checked prior to processing payroll, so in order to ensure you are paid correctly it is important you email us.

You can expect your wages to reach your account by the Friday 29th December.    


Office Opening Times

The main office will be closed  from 22nd  December to 2nd January 2023 inclusive. During this time there will be no one checking the office landline please do not leave important messages that need advice or action taking.

Make sure any supplies you need are collected by 22nd December 2023.

Urgent queries (covid-19, safeguarding etc.,)  call the out of hours number: 083 092 4215.

(Do not text this number it is diverted to the person on call so texts will not be seen)

Any questions please ask us….if you have a question you can be sure others have too.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year