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Annual General Meeting  2018

On  Tuesday   17th  July  2018  Cork  CIL   held it  Annual  General  meeting.   A   great thank you  for  all who attended  and  contributed  to  the meeting.  The   Annual Report 2017  and full Audited  Accounts 2017 are  available  in  our  Publications  section.

The Chairman’s  Message 2017

In 2017 Cork CIL, with the support of the Board of Management, worked hard on its core services while also attending to difficult challenges and grasping promising opportunities.

With the future in mind, work was intensified on Cork CIL’s second strategic document. This document will set out our aims and objectives for the next 3-5 years and the way in which we hope to achieve them. We aim to build upon the successes of our previous strategic document and identify areas that need to be addressed. We have also consulted with people who use our services and all staff through the form of a survey to identify other key areas that need attending to.

We have identified that our focus of service delivery is somewhat narrow, as a result we have been exploring opportunities to diversify to support people with disabilities to enter the workplace. The Board of Cork CIL recognises that a lack of supports poses as a significant barrier to some highly educated and skilled people, who happen to have a disability, from entering the work force. While the issue of funding remains an obstacle, we are committed to exploring this further and testing its viability as a feasible strategic option for those with a disability who wish to enter the workplace.

The Board recognises the importance of a diverse representation from the professional and business sector to ensure sound organisational governance. We are proud that we have a comprehensive representation on the Board supporting our endeavours and we strive to improve our diversity in the coming year. In 2017 the Board was delighted to welcome James Conroy as a new member of the Board. James brings with him a valuable skillset from his work in IT and as a training clinical psychologist with the HSE, and as a former Personal Assistant with CCIL James’s experiences provide the Board with a unique viewpoint that the Board has not had before.

We Are Recruiting

We have a rolling recruitment campaign with a number of part-time opportunities. If you can make a difference, we want to hear from you. Visit our Working with CIL page for more information.

Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children

Cork CIL’s updated policies on child protection are now available.

Staff Portal

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