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Congratulations Deirdre!

Deirdre O’Reilly, who suffered a devastating stroke in 2013, completes the Evening Echo Mini Marathon.

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Disability Services Newsletter

The HSE’s National Quality Improvement Office (NQIO) has published the 2nd Edition (PDF, 707kb) of its quarterly Disability Services Newsletter.

This edition repeats the links to the documents developed by the NQIO earlier this year. There is also a feature on the Workshops that the NQIO are holding in early October across the country, which includes dates and venues, as well as instructions on how to book a place.

Flu Vaccine Campaign 2018

Cartoon of Man Sneezing

Healthcare workers prevent the spread of flu and save lives by getting the flu vaccine. The best way to protect you, your family and your service users is to get this year’s vaccine. You can pass on the flu virus to somebody you care for even before you know that you are sick.

Healthcare workers are at an increased risk of exposure and infection. At least 20% of healthcare workers are infected with flu every year and many continue to work while being ill. This increases the risk to family, colleagues, and service users.

The HSE are strongly encouraging all healthcare workers to get the flu vaccine. More information is available from the HSE’s Flu Vaccine for Healthcare Workers web page.

All employees are urged to visit the Staff Portal to find out where you can be vaccinated and how to reclaim the cost from Cork CIL.

News Updates

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Staff Portal

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