Free Online Deafblindness Course Starting 11th June

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The Anne Sullivan foundation is offering a free online deafblindness course starting from 11th June.


Week 1

11th June – 3-4:30 PM

Introduction to deafblindness

In this module we will look at what deafblindness is, including causes, implications and considerations. We will do an overview of hearing loss, vision impairments and techniques for guiding someone who is deafblind.


Week 2 

18th June 3-4:30 PM


In this session we will cover all of the communication methods used by people who are deafblind. We will look at strategies that can used by people of all ages, abilities and communication styles.


Week 3

25th June 3-4:30 PM

Functional Strategies and Adaptations

In this session we look at ways toto include and make activities accessible for children and adults who have dual sensory loss.




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