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HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast, Episode 39 – Parenting: Talking It Out

Photo of Lulu O'Kelly and Linda Picket in studio


Listen to the latest episode of the HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast, as our host Eamon Keogh, is joined by Parenting Facilitators, Lulu O’Kelly, Bray Area Partnership and Linda Picket, Northside Area Partnership, to talk about the parenting peer groups they run, how they are a safe, non-judgemental place, where day to day experiences, like meal times, screen times and the big one, “Saying No” are discussed. They talk about the every day challenges parents face, offering some guidance, based on their vast experiences, and highlight the value of peer support in parenting groups, where parents lean on each other and find comfort in the fact that in most cases; they are all dealing with the same day to day issues.


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Making Every Contact Count


The Making Every Contact Count eLearning training programme certification has been modified. The eLearning now takes a total time of 3 hours (reduced from 4 hours) covering the six core modules;


  • 2 x Health Behaviour Change; ‘Introduction to Behaviour Change’ and ‘Skills into Practice’
  • 4 x Topic Modules on ‘Tobacco’, ‘Alcohol & Drugs’, ‘Healthy Eating’ and ‘Physical Activity’


The two new modules on ‘Talking about Overweight & Obesity’ and ‘Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing’ are available on completion of the core modules. Completion of the additional modules is encouraged and will now provide additional certification. With the time commitment now significantly reduced, we hope that this will encourage greater participation and facilitate completion of the Making Every Contact Count training programme, to reduce chronic disease and encourage positive health behaviour changes.



Ireland Lights Up


The Ireland Lights Up initiative run by the GAA in conjunction with Get Ireland Walking returns this year as part of Operation Transformation. GAA clubs across the country are turning on their lights and organising regular walks for members of the community.



Opportunity to contribute to ESRI research project


The ESRI are doing some research comparing expert and public views on perceptions of obesity to follow up on the survey done in 2022. They have issued an invitation for eligible health service colleagues to take part in the expert version.


It takes 15 minutes to complete online and is fully anonymous. They are looking for people:

  1. with expertise in research, policy or clinical care in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, health behaviour or obesity;
  2. working in Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States.


Click here to complete the survey.



Walk21 Ireland conference – one year on


In January 2023, a very successful Walk 21 Ireland conference was held in the grounds of TU Dublin. A key objective for the Irish organising committee in planning the international event was to foster a sustainable legacy from it. This has now been realised with Dr Lorraine D’Arcy Sustainability Action Research & Innovation Lead in TU Dublin, her colleague Dr Eoin McGullicuddy and Caren Gallagher from Office of the Planning Regulator having successfully secured a SFI National Challenge Fund Sustainable Communities Grant to build on the legacy of the conference. The CRAWL project is looking to inform policy makers and practitioners for a collective approach to design for and delivering on walkability and liveability. To start, it will use TU Dublin’s campus locations as a testbed and aspires to also work with campus communities, local authorities and stakeholders from surrounding neighbourhoods to create an action research programme to increase the walkability and liveability of the campus neighbourhoods.



CarePALS training dates for Spring/Summer 2024


The aim of the CarePALs training is to enable care staff to deliver physical activity sessions to those in their care, which can be included as part of their daily or weekly routines, without additional costs to the care setting. The training is offered by Age & Opportunity and funded through the national H&W Grant Agreement with them. Dates for Spring/Summer 2024 are included in the attached document. Please circulate/communicate through your networks.



NCSCT Training for New Stop Smoking Advisors


The next course is on 7th and 8th of February 2024 in Athlone. Applications for NCSCT face to face training for new Stop Smoking Advisors should be submitted to training.tfi@hse.ie. All new staff with a tobacco brief should be given the induction document to support them in their stop smoking service role.



2023 – A record-breaking year for delivery of HSE Stop Smoking Services


Latest available information indicates that 2023 has being a record-breaking year for the delivery of HSE Stop Smoking Services, across community & hospital settings, and by telephone, on the National QuitLine; Over 19,000 quit attempts were supported by HSE Stop Smoking Advisors.  This means the Stop Smoking Service have achieved and exceeded their 2023 Target KPIs – a great achievement!

Significant investment through the Sláintecare Healthy Community Initiative and the Enhanced Community Care Chronic Disease Programme across our Nine Community Health Organisations greatly enhanced the availability of HSE Stop Smoking Services across our communities. Coupled with the offering of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products to those who engage with our services, many more people were able to make more effective quit attempts; by using both behavioural support and stop smoking medicines, as recommended in our National Stop Smoking Clinical Guidelines (2022).



Quit – January Partner Pack


See attached the QUIT campaign partner pack for January. As usual, QUIT will get a big push this month across TV, radio, video on demand, social and digital media and press interviews. In the pack there is social media messaging that can be shared from your own local X account through your CHO Communication Manager. Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) are free for anyone who wants to quit smoking with the support of the QUIT service. You can find information on how they work and how to get free NRT in the attached pack or through the press release issued.



Think Brain Health Webinar

In partnership with Healthy Ireland this exciting webinar will take place on 24 January from 11am to 12pm. Register here to join our experts to discover how adopting healthy behaviors can support your incredible brain. Sarah Mc Cormack, Healthy Ireland Lead, HSE Health & Wellbeing and Dr. Sean O’Dowd, Consultant Neurologist, Tallaght University Hospital; and Clinical Lead, National Dementia Services are joined by an expert panel to talk about our brain and the things we can do to look after it.

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