Assisted Living Services

Assisted Living Service supports are part of a range of supports that also include HSE Home Support Services. Assisted Living Services are are provided by skilled  front  line  healthcare   staff called Personal Assistants [PA’s]. Cork  CIL PA’s who work with Service Users in their own home and community. The supports Cork  CIL  provide can range from personal care to social inclusion. Cork CIL provide this service in the South Lee area (currently  excluding  Macroom & environ).

The Cork CIL Assisted Living Services are funded solely by the HSE. There is a fixed level of funding and so there some limits to what can be provided. If you have a physical and/or sensory disability and are under 65-year-old you may be eligible. You should contact your Public Health Nurse [PHN] who can assess and refer you. It is important that you give us as much information about yourself and the service you are looking for in the application. This way we will be best placed to direct you to the services and support available and which may best suit your needs

All applications for Assisted Living Services are sent directly to the HSE Disability Services and are looked at an interagency meeting which takes place every 4-8 weeks. If you meet the criteria for Cork CIL Assisted Living Services, we will contact you and ask if you want to be included in the waiting list for services. There is a limited resource, so a prioritised waiting list operates.

If you would like to talk to someone in Cork CIL to see if this service may be an option for you, we will be pleased to help call 021 432 2651

For information on DEASP CE Programme, click here

Information for the Phn

As the Public Health Nurse [PHN] you may be asked to assess and make an application for Assisted Living Services on behalf of a potential Servcie User. To help you we have information available for you. If you want to discuss an application before submission please call Pat Beirne on 086 792 9684