Access n’ Attitudes Radio Documentary

Woman Looking out a Window on the World

From the freak shows of the early 1600s that exhibited biological deformities, people with disabilities have been thrust to the sidelines of citizenship. Access n’ Attitudes aims to highlight the disabled experience in Ireland whilst acknowledging some of the physical and attitudinal barriers that disabled communities face.

Access n’ Attitudes will be broadcast on 93.1 Life FM each Thursday for 4 weeks beginning on March 7th at 2.05pm, and repeated on the following Saturday at 5.05pm.

Episode 1
Defining Disability — Labels are for clothes!

Episode 2
Independent Living — Choice & Autonomy.

Episode 3
Education — Another brick in the wall?

Episode 4
Relationships — Romance first, Disability Second!

Produced by Kathy O’Hare (PhD student, Digital Arts & Humanities) and presented by Sarah Harrington (Master’s Student, Social Policy), in partnership with Cork Centre for Independent Living, 93.1 Life FM, and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Sound & Vision scheme.

For more information, phone or text Kathy O’Hare on:

086 660 2980

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Kathy O’Hare