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Food For Your Brain


Welcome to Cork CIL August Wellness Newsletter Week 4! Each week you will receive health tips and information based on a dimension of wellness to expand your knowledge and help improve your health and well-being. Enjoy


Continuing the theme of optimizing brain function for the purpose of pursuing mindfulness, this week we’ll discuss the relationship between physical exercise and brain health. Exercise obviously confers bodily health benefits. Researchers have uncovered key connections between exercise and improved function of the brain specifically. Cognition, learning, memory formation, decision-making, problem solving, emotional balance – all of these may be improved with regular exercise.

In addition to your usual exercise routine, here are some outside-of-the-box exercise ideas that are sure to prime your brain for mindfulness:

  • Twisting, turning, jumping, and otherwise moving to the beat will burn calories without even feeling like work. Also, the scientists won’t mention this, but it’s good for the soul!
  • Be physically active while watching TV. This quintessential sedentary activity is an opportunity to burn calories. Walk on a treadmill if you can, or simply do some body-weight exercises. Work through a series of quick movements, one for each commercial break. Or, if you’re binge-watching, log ten minutes of sweat between each episode.
  • Add physical activity to your daily routine. Depending on your ability, replace as much driving as you can with walking or biking. Take the stairs when possible.
  • Walk the dog. If you have a canine companion, there’s no better way to ensure daily (probably twice-daily) walks than taking that pup for a walk. Don’t just walk the bare minimum for your dog to do its business; more steps are good for you and your friend.


Take a Colour Walk – August Mindfulness – Week 4 Flyer – Colour Walk


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