HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast, Episode 13 – Spunout.ie

Image of a man smiling next to the quote 'A source of information for young people by young people' - Ian Power


HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast, Episode 13 – Spunout.ie

In this episode we talk to Ian Power, CEO of SpunOut.ie, the youth information website. The discussion covers a broad range of issues that young people are seeking information on through the website. Ian describes how the organisation has developed and learned by working with young people, to give insights and offer support with trusted information, where and when young people need it. Ian highlights how young people work with the organisation: “The by young people, for young people ethos is true and lived in SpunOut because we have a group of young people from around the country who engage with us on our Action Panels, who tell us this is the information we need and this the way we want to receive it”.

SpunOut also launched the Free Text 50808 service in 2020 and Ian shares some insights into the way that service was set up and how it supports young people through challenging times. SpunOut have been a partner of the HSE in the context of youth mental health and youth health information for many years. Hosted by Fergal Fox.

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For more information about Spunout.ie visit: https://spunout.ie/.

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