ILMI eBulletin 8th December 2023

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Meath DPO
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Today (Friday 8th December) in the offices of Meath County Council ILMI hosted the first Meath DPO discussion. ILMI DPO development officer Peter Kearns led an energetic Disability Equality workshop with support from ILMI’s capacity development officer Fiona Weldon and voice community development worker Paula Soraghan. The group discussed concepts of disability and began to explore how and what the local DPO in Meath would work on as it develops as a group in 2024.

If you’re a disabled person in Meath and want to get involved, email Fiona or Peter.

ILMI’s Fiona Weldon and Claire Kenny appeared on Wednesday evening in front of the Committee on Disability Matters, the topic was “Planning Inclusive Communities”.
IMAGE: Screenshot of Claire Kenny in action

In a ground-breaking address to the Joint Committee on Disability Matters, Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI) passionately advocates for a revolutionary shift in how we envision and plan for inclusive communities. ILMI’s vision of an Ireland where disabled people have freedom, choice, and control over all aspects of our lives resonates powerfully. We emphasise a move from consultation to co-creation, urging active involvement of disabled people through Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs) in policy development and community planning. The strategic plan, grounded in human rights, collective empowerment, and social justice, sets a new course for recognising the invaluable role of DPOs in shaping policy and fostering inclusion. ILMI calls for a departure from tokenistic consultations and instead seeks structured engagement with DPOs, emphasising the critical importance of these collective spaces in driving meaningful change. As we embark on establishing and supporting DPOs nationwide, ILMI’s call for multi-annual investment to empower disabled people to shape their communities serves as a clarion call for a more inclusive, equal society. The address leaves an indelible mark, challenging existing norms and championing a future where disabled voices are not just heard but actively shape the narrative.

The full statement is on this link
Video of proceeding with ISL on this link

Disability and Sustainable Development: Integrating Policy into National Realities from a Disabled Persons’ Organisation (DPO) Perspective
IMAGE: poster with details in text and image of Dr James Casey

The third and final seminar of the IIEA’s (Institute of International & European Affairs) inaugural disability programme will celebrate the recent International Day for Disabled Persons (3 December) by discussing the theme “United in action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with and by persons with disabilities”. It will hear from Dr James Casey, Independent Living Movement, Ireland, a disabled persons’ organisation (DPO) on the barriers and enablers that exist to achieving full implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and how disabled people can be better supported to contribute to the process.

Link to register 

SFC Update
IMAGE: photo shows the SFC participants engaged in the session

In our last SFC session we concentrated on getting to know each other, explored our values and ended with using Logo Serious Play to build some of the barriers that prevent Disabled People from participating in their local communities.

ILMI launches strategic plan for “a more inclusive Ireland”

“ILMI’s dedication to creating an inclusive Ireland aligns with our national goals for the empowerment and wellbeing of disabled people. This strategic plan is a testament to the organisation’s vital role in shaping policies that foster freedom, choice, and control. I commend ILMI for their impactful work and look forward to witnessing the positive transformations this plan will bring to the lives of disabled people across Ireland,” commented the Minister.

Full Changing Ireland article 

National Disability Strategy online consultations


The NDA hosted nine online focus groups over November 2023 and December 2023 as part of DCEDIY’s consultation on the development of a new National Disability Strategy.

These online focus groups are part of a wider consultation process and there will be more information here in the coming weeks.

Last online focus group:
Mon Dec 11th 10.30am to 12pm Disabled Women 

There is an opportunity for you to send your written suggestions for the next National Disability Strategy. Please answer the questions in the template via the link and submit to by Friday, 12 January 2024

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