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In this issue:
ILMI’s Strategic Plan Launch
ILMI’s “Strategies for Change” (SFC) programme
ILMI attended Green Paper Reform session in Athlone

ILMI’s Strategic Plan Launch
IMAGE photo shows left to right Fiona Weldon, Nina Byrne, Paula Soraghan, Minister Rabbitte, Des Kenny, Senator McGreehan, Claire Kenny, Damien Walshe, Elaine Walsh and in the front row Shelly Gaynor and Dr James Casey all holding a copy of the strategic plan.

On Wednesday, November 29th, disabled people from all corners of Ireland, alongside esteemed guests including Minister Anne Rabbitte, Senator McGeehan, ILMI Members, Board, and allies, united to mark a historic milestone, the launch of our visionary strategic plan.

Three pivotal strands:

Human Rights:
Promoting and supporting disabled people’s involvement in activism and decision-making, ILMI will engage and connect through outreach initiatives, capacity-building for activism, and facilitating collective peer-led spaces to stimulate belonging and activism.

Collective Empowerment:
Seeking recognition and support for Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs), ILMI will organise, support, and build capacity for local DPOs, engage with stakeholders at the local level, and contribute to movement-building with national DPOs to promote networking, shared learning, and joint initiatives.

Social Justice:
Shaping policies, legislation, and services for the full and active participation of disabled people, ILMI will advocate for policy development, provide Disability Equality training, engage in alliance-building with civil society organisations, and lead public education and awareness campaigns.

Read the Press Release: ILMI Launches Visionary Strategic Plan for Inclusive Ireland
Access the Strategic Plan: PDF link  and the  Word version .

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Your support fuels our commitment to building an inclusive and empowered Ireland. Together, we are creating a future where everyone enjoys freedom, choice, and control.

Best regards,
The ILMI Team

ILMI’s “Strategies for Change” (SFC) programme
IMAGE: photo shows some of the SFC participants engaged in the class

In this week’s SFC session, we delved into the concept of impairment and the repercussions of inhabiting a non-disabled world. Our discussion centred on the stark inequalities different groups face simply because societal norms dictate so. The right to marry the person one loves emerged as a crucial aspect of this discourse. Whether it’s being a woman, belonging to a different race or country, identifying as male, part of the Travelling community, or being a Disabled Person, individuals may face differential treatment due to society’s narrow definition of normalcy.

To further explore these ideas, we utilised Lego Serious Play in our session. The group passionately asserted the importance of treating women equally to men and emphasised the significance of dismantling barriers. ILMI’s “Strategies for Change” (SFC) programme, now in its third year, has welcomed numerous disabled people, guided by the expertise of our Capacity Officer, Fiona Weldon . Conducted in person, this programme enables emerging disabled activists to engage in collective learning, sharing, and collaboration. Together, we aim to contribute to building a New Ireland where disabled people can fully participate in an inclusive society as equals.

ILMI attended Green Paper Reform session in Athlone
IMAGE: photo shows  Michael Gogarty and Fiona Weldon

All legislative reform and development must align with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRPD), guiding governments on upholding Disabled People’s rights. The Department of Social Protection, recognising its obligations under the convention, will be guided by Article 27 and Article 28, emphasising equal work opportunities and an adequate standard of living. It’s crucial to note the department’s use of the UNCRPD’s definition of disability, not the Bio-Psycho-Social Model, which can be unfair and neglects systemic barriers to mainstream employment. Disabled People, even with complex impairments, can work with support like Personal Assistance Services. The UNCRPD defines Disabled People as those with long-term impairments hindering full participation in society.

Supporting changes, the Cost of Disability Report and the European Disability Forum Report on The Employment Situation of Disabled People provide valuable insights. Other considerations include the correct terminology for the new payment as a Social Welfare Payment, separating welfare reform from employment support discussions, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Acknowledging the inadequacies of the current disability employment support system, especially in comparison to mainstream employment support, emphasises the need for informed and inclusive pathways for Disabled People. Consultations with young Disabled People regarding the Disability Allowance Payment and age increase were highlighted, recognising potential challenges faced by young individuals. Additionally, discussions covered the necessity of a Cost of Disability payment on top of any social welfare payment, ease of access to social welfare payment after unsuccessful employment, and the elimination of means testing for Social Welfare Payments when living with others. The exclusion of Disabled People on CE Schemes from certain payments and the importance of addressing these gaps were also raised.

Please note the public consultation has been extended to the 15th March 2024 more info on this link 
ILMI’s summary from our consultations on this link 

National Disability Strategy online consultations

The NDA are hosting nine online focus groups over November 2023 and December 2023 as part of DCEDIY’s consultation on the development of a new National Disability Strategy.

Registration for all nine online focus groups, based on different thematic areas, is open, so if you are interested in attending, please register at the relevant link or links below.

These online focus groups are part of a wider consultation process and there will be more information here in the coming weeks. Please check here to see how else you can have your say on this Strategy.

Dates and times of online focus groups

Sat 2nd Dec 11-12.30pm Housing & Independent Living

Tues Dec 5th 7pm-8.30pm Disability Health & Social Care Services and Supports 

Wed Dec 6th 2pm-3.30pm Education  

Mon Dec 11th 10.30am to 12pm Disabled Women 

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