The Gift of Giving: A Playback Theatre Performance

2 photos of 3 female actors dressed in grey performing on stage with a guitarist showing on one of the photos to the right of the stage.

Mon 18 Dec 2023 19:00 – 21:00

Crawford College of Art and Design, T12 XK25

Step into the spirit of the season with our Playback theatre performance, “The Gift of Giving.” As the holiday season approaches, we invite you to reflect on the joy, warmth, and sometimes the complexity that comes with the act of giving and receiving.

Explore the spectrum of emotions associated with gift-giving—Have you experienced the thrill of finding the perfect present, or perhaps the disappointment beneath the shiny wrapping paper? Share your thoughts on the joy of giving, the challenges of navigating consumerism, and the nuanced emotions tied to this time of year.

In this unique interactive experience, our audience becomes the storyteller. Through the art of Playback theatre, your personal stories will come to life as a team of actors and musicians interpret and perform them on the spot. It’s a collaborative and spontaneous journey where every voice is heard, and community unfolds.

After the performances, we invite you to join us for a cozy gathering with mulled apple cider and mince pies.

All proceeds from the performance will be donated to Doctors Without Borders—a charitable organization committed to providing medical aid where it’s needed most. They are currently on the ground in Gaza where their medical aid is crucial.

Come and be a part of an evening filled with stories, laughter, and the magic of shared experiences.


Crawford College of Art and Design, T12 XK25

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